They should make some sort of mouthwash, that you can swallow, so when/if you burp your mouth doesn't taste disgusting, amirite?

If you water down mouthwash you can swallow it, right?

You are always pleasantly surprised when you find out an actor who you didn't know sang has a really good voice, amirite?

Tom Felton! <3

Stop signs are used to regulate traffic. If there is no traffic, what's the point in stopping? amirite?

I don't drive and haven't paid much attention to what a lot of signs mean, so do you always have to stop at a stop sign no matter what?
I know I should know, so I am learning :)

It's funny when parents talk about you and they don't even try to lower their voices, yet they think you can't hear them... amirite?

See my Mom doesn't do that. She goes into another room and loudly talks about me so I can hear and it annoys the hell out of me.

You REALLY want to have a kiss in the rain to see if they're all they're hyped up to be, amirite?

Done it and it's not anymore exciting than kissing your boyfriend in sunny weather.

I'm not sure anybody really knows what sound a fox makes. amirite?

It is sort of a screech, it's a bit harsh on the ears :/

Your parents are sometimes the ones that can hurt your feelings the most, amirite?
You would hate it if your middle name became your first name, amirite?

I'd be Elizabeth, and I've always loved that name.

Twiggy makes you angry, because she started the whole sickeningly skinny model look, and caused many young girls who look up to her to develop eating disorders. It's really sad, amirite?

I love Twiggy. She isn't stuck up, she just has quite a posh Englsih accent so sounds like it. She's naturally thin, I don't think she ever promoted being skinny to be a model and on ANTM she never told curvier girls to lose weight did she?
It's not her fault people have eating disorders. I don't have one and I've seen photos of her modelling too.

Your parents are sometimes the ones that can hurt your feelings the most, amirite?

I get annoyed when my Mom says I eat too much and I'm getting fat. I'm 5"5 an 121 pounds, that's not fat, (I think), but it makes me feel I am and I get upset for days after.

Fat people: don't try to get a healthy body image, try to get a healthy body. America's number one health problem is obesity, not anorexia or bulimia amirite?

I know. It irks me when obese people go "I'm happy with my weight, I have a good body image and I'm happy." That's all well and good, but it doesn't mean you're healthy and fit. Why not be a good weight, healthy and happy about your body at the same time?

You have created AT LEAST 1 website, amirite?

Yeah, but only for an ICT grade, got an A for it! :)

You have a "type" when it comes to boyfriends/girlfriends. amirite?

Yes, if funny and loving counts as a type. And I generally don't find guys shorter than me attractive.

Everyone has that really annoying friend on Facebook who joins all the melodramatic groups abouts boyfriends, amirite?

And if you don't have one...YOU are that friend.

Parents should have the ability to terminate the existence of THEIR OWN children in the first few years of their existence, just in case economic conditions change or they have doubts, amirite?
@Pedo_Cat cause in some cases undoubtedly the supreme court looks away when a later abortion happens.

Yes, but again, getting 'bored' with a child after birth and murdering when they are fully aware and can feel pain (brain developed, recognisable human-like features also) is so much different than aborting a baby in the womb which isn't fully developed and is not understanding of anything going on around it. It won't feel pain of dying, it doesn't even realize it will ever be born.

I know it's harsh and even I probably wouldn't abort a baby if I got pregnant as I would always wonder 'what if', but I don't consider it murder to do so, or on the same level as killing a 2 months old, because of those reasons.