It's kind of weird that someone becoming best friends with a person who isn't their partner, spending all their time with them, telling them everything and connecting with them really well in general, isn't considered cheating when having a random, drunk, sexual encounter is, amirite?

In all fairness every girl gets a little jealous (some more than others) when their guy gets close to another girl; even if it isn't considered cheating and you shouldn't really be annoyed it's can still cause arguments in some relationships.

people just don't use those ridiculous texting abbreviations anymore, amirite?

It's actually become cool to have full sentences with no grammatical errors. Thank God.

The only thing more depressing than the news... Six Billion Secrets. Amirite?

it annoys me sometimes on that site when people post something like 'I'm the one guys always ask out, the pretty, funny, popular one. but why cant you see past that and see my depression'

but i always think you aren't really depressed...if you were you wouldn't think of yourself as pretty, funny or popular, it's not how depression works. You just want more attention.

When is a girl turned into a woman? When she reaches highschool? College? Or is it when she's 16? 18? 21? Is a girl a woman when she starts her period? What about her first kiss? No one really knows the line for sure, amirite?

well it wont be when she has her first kiss because some girls have it when they are about 12 =/ same with sex for some girls

A preppy girl takes a picture in her underwear and she's a "slut", a scene girl does it and she's "beautiful.", amirite?

If anyone posts a photo in their underwear on facebook, they still look slutty...and maybe slightly desperate.

It sucks when the teacher calls out your name and that one kid in the back loudly says, "Who's that?" amirite?

I automatically don't really like people like that. If the teacher calls out your name, you'll be in the room most likely, so they say it knowing it'll probably hurt you at least a tiny bit which just means they are loud-mouths who don't think about others.

Even though she's a sadistic loony, you love Bellatrix Lestrange, amirite?

I think the woman who plays her in the movies plays her really well! The character really makes me laugh aha Love her!

Since all girls have periods, we shouldn't have to pay for pads and tampons, they should be free, amirite?

I think they meant it's free to the public, like tampons/pads should be.

Those people who send you private messages asking why you NW'd their post are pretty annoying. Just accept it! Amirite?

Do people seriously do this? :/ It's such a waste of time, everyone has an opinion and unless the person comments on their view you don't need to question it or try and counter it. Just accept it.

Making generalizations about someone because they're American is the same as making generalizations about someone because of their race: it's hurtful. amirite?

Hurtful? Don't take things so seriously. I'm British and we get mocked for having bad teeth and I don't take it to heart because it's not true for me.

It's only hurtful if it's truthful, otherwise it should mean nothing to you.

If there was ever an episode on Hannah Montana about her getting a bra like there was on Lizzie McGuire, all hell would break loose, amirite?

the only thing I didn't get about that episode on Lizzie McGuire was that her boobs were quite big...and she probably or should of already been wearing a bra anyway :S

After the Harry Potter series is over Daniel Radcliffes career is pretty much screwed, amirite?

He's on broadway, and he played in Equius (spelling?) as well. He has enough money to keep him going for a hell of a long time anyway and he's acting on stage still. To be honest he's a good actor and I'm sure he'll get a lot of roles as millions of Harry Potter fans will like him too.

He'll do well, in my opinion.

When you were younger, you used to make your hand into a fist, put your pinky up, and say "girl" into it, making it sound like "doy" in a weird voice, amirite?

Have never done it, but I just tried it. And it doesn't sound like 'doy' when I do it.

It's so stupid when people date in middle school. The point of dating is to find someone you want to marry. You're not going to do that at the age of twelve, amirite?

You need to learn life lessons. Like some girls/guys are bitches/jerks and then you learn how to deal with it for the future. Otherwise you'll grow up thinking you'll get your fairytale straight away and be sadly disappointed.
Anyway, some people are best friends with the person they will marry since they were young, and love can happen at any age in my opinion.

Love has no boundaries as the saying goes :)

Even though everyone's fine with a specific section at book stores for African American Literature, you know people would flip shit if there was a White Literature section, amirite?
@wobbuffet Great, my comment was cut off. I see posts all the time of the form "Black people can do ___, but if white people...

yeah, but I think what they mean is why do you need to split off a certain section for African American Literature...if everyone is equal why don't you mix them all together. You won't see (or I have never seen) a section devoted to only Indian writers or Mexican or whatever, those authors are just in the general rows of books.