Rapunzel's first time with Flynn must've been pretty awkward, seeing as she probably didn't even know what a penis was, let alone full on sex, for the first eighteen years of her life, amirite?

Tangled is my absolute favorite movie, no joke. But I still don't get how she had amazing people skills when she was locked in a tower for 18 years..

"Pretzel Bottomed Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Pie"... What a mouthful, amirite?

where the fuck do i find this beautiful slice of heaven?

You stand with Israel, amirite?

Wow this whole post makes me pissed. Just the fact that the total votes is in the negatives is so upsetting because most people probably have no idea what is going on in Israel. It is the size of New Jersey and almost all of the Middle East is ready to destroy the state in its entirety. How can Israel not use violence to defend itself when everyone around it is against its right to even exist. If they simply allowed themselves to be attacked, there would be no more Israel to even discuss. What is the reasoning behind Palestine's idea that Israel should not have a right to exist?

Why is it that so many videogames and films with the word "Dragon" in the title don't have dragons as the main feature, or end up being bad. Make good dragon games and films!!! amirite?

how to train your dragon. 'nuff said.

It's not something we really think about, but people are way more attractive when they have a pronounced jawline, amirite?

Josh fucking hutcherson.

You weigh less than 200lbs. amirite?
Words like "hard", "urge", and "wet" are immediately referenced to sexual things, amirite?

i always thought "thrust" was a very sexual word.

If your hands were made out of hot pockets, you would be the first to get eaten in survival situations. amirite?

Were you high when you posted this..? Serious question.

There should be continent football teams, that would be a more entertaining world cup, amirite?
A mistress is something between a master and a mattress. amirite?

Shouldn't it be between a mister and a mattress? I think that would make more sense...

Everyone says I Know right as ikr when they should just say i know, amirite?

That's like saying instead of saying amirite? you should just say right?

If you aren't reading, watching, or listening to something on an airplane you look like a serial killer. amirite?

What if you're sleeping

You can't help but smile when your state is mentioned on TV or in a movie, especially if you live in one of the 'forgettable' states, amirite?
@Shortstopmwd Nop, Jersey's usually being made fun of...

Its almost embarrassing living in New Jersey. I've actually been asked multiple times if my life is like the Jersey Shore...

Aren't we a little old too enjoy be enjoying Phineas and Ferb? Yes, yes we are, amirite?
Sometimes you can't help but think schools purposly hire secritaries that butcher kid's first and/or last names on the announcements. how hard can it be to say weiner instead of wiener? amirite?

I still don't know which one's pronounced "weener" and which is pronounced "winer" so..