It's annoying when people make two statements in a post and you only agree with one of them so you don't know how to vote. Also murder should be legal, amirite?

i voted yea because i agree with both parts...

In Wizards of Waverly place, Mrs. Russo (the mom) is 30, and Justin (the kid) is 17. So she was 13 when she got pregnant, amirite?

It's cause she's latino

If you pretend to shake salt into your mouth, you can actually taste the salt, amirite?

good thing i've heard it before

"George Washington was the first president." OK, I'll buy it. "There are billions of stars in the galaxy." I believe that one too. "Columbus sailed to the new world in 1492." He sure did. "Careful sir, the plate is hot." I'm going to test this one out for myself, amirite?
@george washington technically wasn't the first president he was the first president after the constituion John...

Ah, a smart person. They consider him the first president because the Articles of Confederation SUCKED and very few people liked the government at that time.

It would be cool if amirite had a google chrome extension, amirite?

I'd be willing to test the Google Chrome extension extensively.

If Kanye can steal the mic then Taylor is not actually swift, amirite?

the only good thing about it was publicity and a post on amirite, amirite?

I should be allowed to differentiate between two non-descript people I dont know by saying "he is the black dude" without people accusing me of being racist, amirite?

he's right, ppl shouldn't be offended. it's okay if they say "the indian guy". it's racist when they say "the indian guy who probably has a tiny dick and works at a call center"

I'm downloading the Qu'ran from an ebook site. I've got a slow connection but it should be done by Saturday the 11th. I'm putting it on disk, if anyone wants one I can burn a few copies, amirite?

a lot of mods aren't american, so this should indeed be POT'd tomorrow

To be fair, the US has been building ground zeros near Iraqi mosques since march 2003, amirite?
The Mosque in New York isn't ON ground zero, it's 2 blocks away. It's taking the place of the Burlington coat factory. That should be the real debate, now where am i gonna find a nice French coat a cheap price? nowhere! thats where, amirite?

I know, this is really shocking to me, it's like punching every one in America. They had some of the best coats ever, I'm so sad. I don't live there, but i know i'll be sad.

I'm fine with not wanting to mix religion with school, but once Christmas break becomes "Non denominational winter holiday" break, it's been taken too far, amirite?

I'm Hindu and honestly, I don't give a crap. I'll start caring when they start saying "Jesus' Birthday Break", or "I bet you wish you had holidays, Atheists"

A soldier only needs to shoot straight, not be straight, amirite?
@i'm straight, if there was a pretty girl in my way in a war i'd get distracted and died. I'm sure a gay guy would...

You're trying to tell me, in the heat of battle, you just want to be with a girl, who is also in the heat of battle? Most people in the military have self-control you know.


Sharks only get 1 week out of the year, but black people get a whole month....who wants to explain why BLACK PEOPLE > SHARKS, amirite?

I think there should be a month or week for all races. But especially a second one for sharks, cuz they're frickin amazing.

Some common sayings in English just don't work in Spanish or other languages. Por ejemplo, no hay un "i" en equipo... espera, no es correcto. amirite?

Dammit, I take french. I know it says there's no i in team, but i can't read comments. help?