i wonder who put all the gays in the closet in the first place, amirite?
A thousand years ago, if someone insulted you, you would challenge them to a duel. A thousand years before that, you would have just gutted them. A thousand years before that, there would be no insult, only gutting. Nowadays, if someone insults you, you kill yourself. THIS IS SAD, amirite?

I call for a return to good ol' fashioned gutting! WHO'S WITH ME?!

I don't think the human mind can comprehend the past and the future. They are both just illusions that can manipulate you into thinking theres some kind of change, amirite?

Sounds like George Orwell's 1984.

Artists: Purple and violet ARE two different colors, amirite?

And why do we have to be artists to understand this?

All white people are gay since white is every color combined, and gays are represented by the rainbow, amirite?

I know, the yellow crayons, Asians, think you're a dumbshit. The brown ones, Mexicans, work harder than you, the red ones, Indians, cheat money out of you at casinos, the tan ones, the jews, make more money than you, and the black ones, blacks, get free food with food stamps. You just can't win.

If you think about it being the third wheel doesn't suck. How would a tryke ride without the third wheel? amirite?

then it's a bicycle.

Nicholas Cage needs to be legally barred from television and film, amirite?
@Lol my friend and I always talk about this!

Hey! A hidden comment from before I made my account.

If you are what you eat, we'd all be cannibals, amirite?
Gay people should be banned from the south, partly for their own sake because we'll shoot them all, amirite?
@vondahl Last I checked, social satire was supposed to be funny.

Wow was that ":)" at the end of your last message deceiving.

You hate it when people describe Chinese/Japanese/Korean people as Asian as Asia is a continent which also included Pakistan, Iraq, etc, amirite?

People from the US are the only ones referred to as Americans even though Canada and Mexico are also on North America. Also, South American people aren't called Americans either although they are on the continent South America.

$T0P B@S|NG Y0UR OP|N|0NS 0F 0UR G3N3R@T|0N 0N P3OPL3 WH0 TYP3 LIK3 THI$! Every generation has its dumbasses! It's just like us saying everyone in your generation (including you) is like Adolf Hitler or George W. Bush, amirite?
@xmasfreak96 Well he's responsible for thousands of death. Hitler is responsible for more than that but there's nothing wrong...

I believe that the war in the middle east is more credible than the genocide of a cultural people, not to mention the gypsies and gays.

If Adam and Eve were the first living beings on Earth, evolution would have had to work backwards. Or else God created Adam and Eve, and some lesser evolved humans he forgot to tell us about. amirite?
@asdijojioiojioxj And thats why you can't believe in Christianity and evolution, they don't work together.

They can work together! God created everything and he created man on the last day according to Genesis. And also, it doesn't necessarily have to be a literal translation of he created light on the first day... etc. It can just be an interpretation of how creation was understood back then. The Hebrew mindset is nothing like ours today. They weren't concerned with how it was created, just that it was created.

You saw Regina wearing army pants and flip flops, so YOU bought army pants and flip flops, amirite?
If Obama, Nancy Palosi, and Harry Reid were in a boat at sea and it started sinking, who would be saved? America, amirite?
Guys, sometimes you find yourself just rubbing your cock, amirite?

I like how the people that voted this no way are girls...