Today, I shot myself in the head. Mind. Blown. amirite?
@Let's ask Pedobear.

Well, I'd venture to say that kids are easily deceived because they think he's wearing a bear costume.

Regardless of your religion, beliefs, or anything else, you can't help but be disgusted that this pastor in Florida wants to host "International Burn A Quran Day" on 9/11, amirite?
Firetrucks and ambulances would be much more effective if they were to replace that annoying siren with the song Move Bitch by Ludacris, amirite?

How do you defend move bitch get out the way? Well obviously there's a bitch that needs to get out of his way! - chris rock

It's so much cooler when you have a unique name. I mean, who wants to be an "Emily". amirite?

You're gonna have a lot of pissed off girls named emily.

Old peeps like me (I'm 24) find it cute/funny that a lot of people on here complain about high school issues so much. It's like, "Wait until you get to college. Then wait until you have to make it in the 'real world.' You're complaining about high school. How're you gonna deal with real life," amirite?

Like you never complained about High School?

i wonder who put all the gays in the closet in the first place, amirite?
Why don't islands sink? Like, if North America had a hole in it, wouldn't it sink? amirite?
A thousand years ago, if someone insulted you, you would challenge them to a duel. A thousand years before that, you would have just gutted them. A thousand years before that, there would be no insult, only gutting. Nowadays, if someone insults you, you kill yourself. THIS IS SAD, amirite?

I call for a return to good ol' fashioned gutting! WHO'S WITH ME?!

All white people are gay since white is every color combined, and gays are represented by the rainbow, amirite?

because your crayons are racist.

Math puns are the first sine of nerdiness, amirite?
You cannot make a sensible sentence out of the words "Mountain" "Ceiling" and "Goldfish" amirite?

Pedo_Bear raped children on the ceiling of his mountain lodge, and as a result, he neglected to feed his goldfish.

If Eve cursed an entire human race for an apple, I can only imagine what she'd do for a Klondike bar... amirite?
@eve didn't curse the human race. Adam did when he ate the fruit

Well they both ate the fruit, and Eve at the fruit first while Adam watched, didn't do anything about it, and then ate the fruit himself, but they both sinned together and cursed the human race.

Ever notice how many racist jokes there are for just about every ethnicity EXCEPT white? amirite?

Are you typing this as you eat your PB&J?

Canadians: Newfoundland is the province everyone makes fun of. amirite?

That's funny, because the rest of the world makes fun of ALL of Canada.