You respect people in the Peace Corps more than you do the military. amirite?
It's annoying when people say how much they hate something that not everyone gets to have. People take things for granted way too much. amirite?

One of my friends dropped her phone down a gutter, and complained that her mom was going to buy her the exact same phone to replace it because she wanted a smartphone.

It sucks to be an only child because you have no siblings; it sucks to be first born because you are the responsible and tester child; it sucks to be the youngest child because all of the handmedowns and comparisons to your older siblings; it sucks to be the middle child because there's nothing really special about you. It just sucks to born then, amirite?
@ClaireTheBozo it also sucks being the youngest because everyone thinks youre spoiled, and they forget that EVERYONE is spoiled...

My parents are also WAY stricter with me because of my brothers' mistakes and they're overprotective because they still see me as the baby.

It's weird when you meet someone who hates something that almost everyone loves like root beer, or Monopoly, or their grandmother, amirite?

I hate root beer and Dr. Pepper. And pie.

You know you're in Los Angeles when you see a billboard that's in Spanish, amirite?

Or Florida

You defy at least one stereotype, amirite?

I'm American but I'm not fat or ignorant.
I'm Christian but I support gay marriage.
I wear makeup but I'm not a fake whore.
I don't like video games but I'm not a priss.
I'm a teenage girl but I don't drink, party, or have sex.
I'm black and (here we go...) I make straight A's, I use proper English, I'm not poor, I'm not a criminal, I'm not loud and obnoxious, I don't wear weave, and I can't dance.

Some say stop hating. Hating is bad for you. But I don't think that's necessarily true for everything. A hate for evil, helps hinder the evil sometimes. A hate for stankness may help to stop a person from producing stankness, amirite?
@Brettward95 I thought that's what skank meant everywhere

I hear people say all the time that some people act stank, and they mean they act stupid and trashy. And I live nowhere near L.A.

We've all, whether accidentally or experimentally, put metal in the microwave, amirite?

...are you not supposed to?

If you believe in God, then this will be the only hell that you know. But if you don't believe in God, then this will be the only heaven that you know. Amirite?
You remember the Wonderball and how it was the best thing in the world. amirite?

my mom almost never let me get them, so I treasured them.

Since you've started driving you tend to walk on the side that you drive on, amirite?

I don't drive and I do that. I think everyone does that, actually.

Who ever classified dolphins as mammals must of been high. I mean seriously, to be a mammal, you can't swim. Since dolphins can swim, they are fish, amirite?

HAHAHA! I'm black but tht was just too funny (:

We always bring up Hitler when we talk about genocide, but no one actually mentions the 23 million indigenous peoples that were killed when the Spanish came to the Americas, amirite?

Or the genocides in Rwanda or Bosnia.

It's OK to be 12 years old. amirite?
@rapemasterflex I skipped over it entirely. I wasn't interested in being a twelve year old.

I went to bed the night before my 12th birthday and the next day I woke up 15.

At some point you've thought "(amirite user) totally hates my guts," amirite?

Not to be cocky, but I don't think anyone really hates me. Partly because I'm not very well known, and partly because, well, look at me cool smilie