Posters for Magic Mike had written on them: 'Warning, this film will make your boyfriend seem inadequate' If this had been written on a movie poster about a woman there would be an outcry. amirite?

Are you joking right now? Women are objectified CONSTANTLY in the media. How often do you seen an actress who isn't sexualized in a movie? Rarely. Even female journalists have a certain 'beauty quota' to fill. Meanwhile men can completely be successful regardless of how they look. One movie says something mildly sexist about men and you're complaining? How about the countless rap songs out there degrading women? What about the cliche movie plot where the protagonist 'likeable guy' wins the girl in the end like she's a trophy? What about the fact that women don't even have equal pay in many countries, have to fight for reproductive rights, and live in a rape culture. If you cared about harmful double standards you would be speaking out about the racism and misogyny that runs rampant in the media rather than male sexism when we live in a patriarchy

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If you did something illegal you wouldn't be stupid and talk about it online or in a public area with lots of people around, amirite?
@Mike_Hawk If I ever start selling drugs, I'm gonna have to advertise somewhere.

Here's the best way to effectively do that: You make a sign that says "Illegal drug sold here!" then you find a police station and stand outside. Police stations are ideal because there are criminals coming and going all the time. Then BAM you'll be rich in no time!

Every person dies two deaths: one when their heart beats no more, and the second when their name is said for the last time, amirite?


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Being a billionaire is kind of pointless, what are you going to spend a billion dollars on? amirite?

Leave huge tips at cheap diners to freak out the waitstaff. Buy a homeless guy a fully stocked RV, videotape it, and see if you can make it go viral. Set up a charity under an obviously fake name, something like "Ivanna Tinkle," and watch the media have fun with it. Start your own gameshow. Fill a small pool with jello or corn starch and water like you always wanted to do when you were a kid. Hire a bunch of people and prank a small town somehow, like leaving an identical lawn gnome on every doorstep, or organizing a huge impromptu scavenger hunt. Have a ball pit installed in your home. Have a superhero costume custom-made and go bungee jumping in it. Walk into a small store and announce that you want to buy everything in it. Stop people on the street and offer them large sums of money for their clothing. Scatter quarters all over a playground and watch small children have their days made when they find them.
Just think about it. I'm sure you'll find ways to have fun.

It's stupid when someone says about cutters that they're just trying to get attention. If that's true, and they're hurting themselves and bleeding as a way of crying out for help, we should probably give them some damn attention, amirite?

There is a difference between people who cut for attention and those who cut because of an actual problem. If someone is genuinely using it as a cry for help then yes, give them attention about it. But if someone is doing it just because they want attention and don't have any underlying problems then yes, that is stupid and is a problem and they should not be rewarded with attention.

It's not cute for girls to act stupid. It's annoying and it makes you want to yell at them, amirite?

Even when people say they find stupid girls annoying they date them...

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To all those people who are suicidal and/or depressed, and think no one cares: I just wanted to say, hi, I'm a random stranger and I care. amirite?

God, I wish we could "hate" posts like we can favorite them.
I hate it when people claim they "care" about people they don't even know exist, you can't possibly have feelings for something you've never seen or met or known in your life. Knowing random strangers feel bad for suicidals and depressed and feel sorry for them changes nothing, it's natural, of course if you learn something that sad you'll feel bad for them.
The people that think no one cares are those who mean the people in real life: their parents, siblings, etc.
If an anonymous person throwing something out like "I CARE ABOUT EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE I LOVE YOU" to the whole Internet is something that cheers you up or changes your mind about suicide, you weren't truly suicidal. They're just empty words that sound nice and caring.

This post pissed me off.

It should be called "No Labor Day", amirite?
An e-book is no more inferior to a printed book than a hardcover is to a paperback, amirite?
I'm gay, I'm gay, I'm gay. Even more, I'm a christian gay. Yes, I'm the happiest christian I know. I'm tired of political correctness destroying words that are perfectly fine. words like gay, black, colored, homosexual, and others are not evil words, they're just given negative connotations. It's like something out of the book "1984". Our speech is being controlled. Political correctness needs to be destroyed before it destroys us. amirite?

I can't take this anymore. I've been keeping up with this from the start but all you've really said is "People are being polite now and that needs to stop." People change. Words change. As long as laws aren't changing, which they're not, there's no problem. There is absolutely no law against me calling a person any name I want. But if I'm surprised when people are upset with mean when I do that is my own ignorance. It's the same thing with the Swastika. That was around far before Hitler but now people don't use it because of what he made it represent. There is no law against me wearing a swastika or even getting one tattooed. But people are going to look down on me for it and with good reason. Just because something used to be okay doesn't mean it is now. It's not the word that is offensive. It is the history of hatred behind it that is offensive.

You don't have 150 friends, amirite?

I can count all of my friends on one hand. While it's in a fist.

You press harder on a remote when you know the batteries are flat, amirite?

But it works. The buttons close a circuit in the remote to allow current to flow. Sometimes, if the batteries are weak, their voltage drops, so you have to press harder to gt a greater contact area in the circuit and increase the current.

I only know it works for my remote, and I just made up an explanation. Tell me if it's wrong please.

You avoid calling people "tools" because that would imply that they are actually useful for something. amirite?

Whenever somebody tries to call me a dildo, I just tell them that it's because I get more pussy than them. Then again, nobody has ever called me a dildo. Also, I never get any pussy. hmm smilie

Americans: We should paint the White House black and still call it the White House. That way all the other countries would be like "Hey, that house isn't white, why is it called the White House?", and then we can all have some good laughs as our economy fails, amirite?
@fuster_cluck what about the Golden Gate Bridge?

We should rename it the Crimson Gate Bridge, replace it with pure gold and cry tears of sorrowful joy as we witness our own citizens tear it apart piece by piece, further worsening our economy