Americans: We should paint the White House black and still call it the White House. That way all the other countries would be like "Hey, that house isn't white, why is it called the White House?", and then we can all have some good laughs as our economy fails, amirite?
Girls: You rather date a hot guy that reads classical literature than a hot guy that plays a sport, amirite?


It's a good thing the procreation of the human species doesn't rely on female orgasms, amirite?
@Jonesy get it? cuz you could take this as they always have them. or you could take it the realistic way, that im still a...

I'm going to choose to take it to mean you have literally no idea what is going on right now.

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It is annoying that certain guys tell girls to stop bitching about being called a slut because she wants sex, but guys whine all the time about being put in the "friend zone." We'll stop complaining when you do, amirite?

I couldn't give a shit about the first one but the whole friend zone thing is such bullshit. I really only see guys complain about it, but in reality, it happens to everyone. I've been friend zoned and I've done my fair share of friend zoning. The main thing is to just stop being a whiny bitch and get the fuck over it. Just because you like someone doesn't mean they have to like you back. That's life.

tl;dr Don't be a bitch.

The no-tear shampoo doesn't work when watching Toy Story 3. amirite?
@StickCaveman Did anybody else cry because it reminded you that the day will come when you'll never see your friends again?

Nope. You're all alone and now you're replying to your own comment you sad, lonely, creepy fuck.

The no-tear shampoo doesn't work when watching Toy Story 3. amirite?
Parents shouldn't try to make their kids stop liking things due to the kid's gender, amirite?
My best friend was given 2 tickets to a special Hunger Games premiere screening, but took her boyfriend instead of me. We're both mega-huge fans of the books, and he hadn't even heard of them. It's okay that I'm irritated, amirite?
@razorsoft i miss the part where that's my problem

I missed the part where amirite was a place to post about razorsoft's problems

You should be offended when your religious friends don't try to convert you. If they don't, they're basically just saying they don't mind if you're eternally damned, amirite?
@I'd say that if you wanted to spread religion, you should do something like Jehovah's Witnesses. They only take a...

IT'S SO ANNOYING! They come to the door and I have to put on some goddamn pants! Do you know how much I hate wearing pants? I hate it a lot! So I don't even put on pants. I go to the door in a pair of stained tighty whiteys with a popsicle in my hand. I make DIRECT eye contact while eating it and if that makes them uncomfortable, then that's fine. If they can't accept me, then I can't accept Jesus. GET OFF MY PORCH!

If life begins at conception, then Americans should be able to legally drink at 20 years and 3 months, amirite?
Buying someone flowers is kind of a weird idea. Like: Hey, these are for you, now watch them slowly die, because I love you. amirite?

That's a great way to tell someone you want a divorce.
"These flowers will last as long as our marriage."
"These flowers are dead."
"Yeah, we need to talk"

Its pretty annoying how people refer to the covers of books when they started out talking about the looks and personality of humans. They aren't the same thing, amirite?

I agree, because when you read a book with an ugly cover you aren't looking at the cover when you read the book. When you're friends with an ugly and/or fat person you have to look at them and hide your revulsion every time you speak to them.

For some reason, Nutella has suddenly become very popular, amirite?
@Smalls I totally agree, but it has been around for years, and it seems that everybody is all of the sudden talking about it.

Once upon a time, my sister put nutella on her hand and chased my other sister through the house saying "Does my doo doo smell weird to you?" then my other sister started crying. I guess that's why I don't eat nutella.

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