Haha thank you! You too. I'm glad I come across that way... :-)

Sounds like you don't really have any personal dissatisfaction with life either

Because of clueless PETA, the "Circus will not be Coming to Town."
@dru18 Yes, i actually believe you are a clueless moron, who thinks that closing down Barnum & Bailey circus will help...

Who said anything about tiger population?

I don't understand why you have completely evaded the whole point of this conversation (animal abuse) and gone on some crazy rant about population and your fondness for wolves.

Lol 😂


The perfect life also means that my job isn't technically a 'secure' one and I don't get paid when I'm sick or on holiday. But I can see it does have its benefits...

Retirement sounds awesome! Wish I had 365 days of holiday every year :-)

Because of clueless PETA, the "Circus will not be Coming to Town."
@dru18 I think I made myself perfectly clear. You came onto this post, with a stupid, stale, stereotypical reply, and no...

Lol 😂

Do you actually believe this bullish!t you are coming up with or are you just in denial? Both I assume...


Well actually I don't get guaranteed holidays. I work on a casual basis so I make my own time for holidays as I please lol

It is Winter in Australia, which is why I have escaped it in the European sun :-)

That's great. Do you have any holidays coming up?

The World would be a better place if-_____? Fill in the blank.

The world would be a better place if everyone forgot that there were other people and other countries in the world and still believed in magical locations to discover


What about the opposite sex confuses you the most?
Is a murderer who is remorseful...better than one who says nothing? Why?
@Sukiesnow Hey, LiVi!!

Hey Sukie, how are you? :-)


Haha I wish!! I get back in a week so I'll be on here more often soon I'm sure... how have you been? :-)

If you knew an acquaintance of yours was being cheated on by her boyfriend, would you tell her or let it go?

I would be very tempted to tell them, but if they are not a good friend then I don't know if they would believe me or blame me. Maybe if I told their close friend then they could pass the message, otherwise try to stay out of it, or tell them anonymously.

Because of clueless PETA, the "Circus will not be Coming to Town."
@dru18 I am amazed that you know nothing about the real threat to tigers, except to attribute it to an 140 year old...

Lol this response doesn't make any sense at all.. what argument are you trying to make - that it's ok to pay to watch animals being abused in a circus? What shortage of knowledge are you on about? Is it that I lack understanding of how you get off on seeing others hurt animals? You seem to be missing the point of my comment to your ridiculous post. It's sad that there are still idiots in the world who miss circuses like the ring bros...


I'm away on holiday so I haven't had much chance to get on here. I miss you guys too :-)

I wouldn't say I'm skilled at it, but I would say I'm pretty direct. The moment I can tell a guy is interested in a romantic way, I will talk about my partner, and/or keep my distance. When I was single I found it harder to friend zone people because I liked Flirting and I didn't know how to reject someone I liked as a friend. Having a partner is the perfect way of letting someone down gently, because then they know it has got nothing to do with them, as you are already taken.