Zonkeyballs has got me thinking about naked women now!biggrin smilieWho doesn't want more?Take that comment how you wish!hehe smilie.More money would be nice.

More understanding

I want more naked ladies driving Lamborghinis on fire, asking me to join their sinful circle of hell as a mascot... I want free beer for everyone, curious acts of sexual nature, rock'n'roll, LSD, South Park reruns and horny magpies flying in patterns previously unknown to biology teachers, who run at my wish, as my biology teacher whistle is designed by the top dogs of the whistle industry. I want to be put to death by a live alien symphony orchestra and eat pudding, while all of you watch me doing it.

I want madness to be the new norm and Norm to become Norma, before ascending and descending as the only sentient elevator this way inside of the outside of middle gentlemen's region of The Heart of Gold. And I want to park my mammoth in your driveway! Also, take me down to the Paradise City, where the grass is green and girls are pretty. Here, have the head of Alfredo Garcia.

What about the opposite sex confuses you the most?
Is a murderer who is remorseful...better than one who says nothing? Why?
Should You Live Together Before Marriage?
@LiVi Try before you buy. Same goes with s e x

So, you try underwear and food before you buy it? a smilie

@LiVi Haha Or maybe that is also an illusion!... 🤔

No, the only magic trick, I've learned, that involves using concrete blocks (and a hedgehog) causes real, massive earthquakes (and anal bleeding). That, I assure you, is absolutely not an illusion. Merely black arts of ancient Chinese kungfvoodoo.

@LiVi They hold things together

Believe me, it's just a facade for the public. What actually do keep things together are green glue and blue phlegm.

Because of clueless PETA, the "Circus will not be Coming to Town."

I stopped going to the circus when i was very, very little. I saw the look in the elephants eyes. She looked very sad. It was then that i started collecting everything, elephant.

Circus animals are historically trained by torturous methods. Held in small enclosures, the elephants, chained.

Ever see an elephant rocking to and fro? Everyone who has seen one in a small zoo or circus has. That is a movement that isnt seen in the wild. It is unnatural. Elephants are migrating animals. It is thier nature to travel long distances. What these circuses do goes against the elephants very nature. And for what? Your entertainment??
Same with the other wild creatures they exploit.

Well trained (humanely) domesticated animals can be very entertaining, as well as human acts. There is your circus. Leave the wild creatures to the wild and to the natural habitat zoos that are trying to save species.

Because of clueless PETA, the "Circus will not be Coming to Town."

You can't be serious. Even the most luxurious cage is still captivity. Forcing animals to sing and dance for their dinner to amuse a crowd of mindless primates is barbaric. I don't like PETA either but occasionally the stumble across a clue.