why doesnt katy perry get thought of as a slut, but Miley Cyrus does, amirite?

Because Katy Perry isn't 17?

Two gay men adopting a girl could become awkward when she hits puberty. Sure, she has a stable, loving family, but what is she supposed to do when she needs to start wearing bras? What about when she runs out of pads or tampons? Her dads will probably freak out completely, amirite?

It wouldn't always make much different tbh, a lot of girls don't talk to their mothers about that sort of thing either.

There is no such thing as a "British accent". In Britain, there are literally hundreds of dialects and accents which can vary wildly (compare West Country and Scouse for example). Although it's probably unintentional, when somebody across the pond refers to a "British accent" it simply reeks of ignorance. amirite?

I think the point is that Britain is made up of several countries. You can say "English accent" or "Welsh accent" even though there are many accents within England and Wales, because every country has a standard accent. The reason "British accent" doesn't work is because Britain is England, Scotland and Wales. It's like saying European accent, it makes no sense at all. Plus when people say British accent they only think English, which is kind of unfair to the Scots and the Welsh. That's all.

@monkeypants anddddd you're a minority so of course you're going to say this.

Ahem, I'd just like to say that I'm a minority and I don't agree with this. Don't make assumptions.

Twilight is the better series because Edward likes Bella for who she is in the INSIDe, but Ron only likes Hermione because Emma Watson is pretty, but really she's just a slut, amirite?

I doubt anyone would like Bella for who she is inside, she has no personality whatsoever.

You would like to see a movie that does not make it extremely obvious who's going to end up together, amirite?

That's kind of why I don't watch rom coms much, once you've seen the trailer you know what's gonna happen.

How can you be "over" somebody? If your emotional feelings were so strong for somebody that you really wanted to be in a relationship, how on earth can you just suddenly decide you all the sudden don't have any feelings for that person? amirite?

You can get over people, just not suddenly. It takes time.

Even though we're a public high school, we should be allowed to call it a Christmas tree, and not have to refer to it as a "holiday tree,", amirite?
Johnny Depp should have been a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts, amirite?

It wouldn't have happened though, J.K Rowling wanted everyone in it to be British or Irish.

If Americans call black people “African Americans”, do they call white people “European Americans”? Not every black person originates from Africa, not every person from Africa is black, amirite?

I do find it a bit weird that black people are called African Americans in the US but we're not called African Brits in the UK...just saying black is fine.

Sometimes when you're asked "who's the president".. You think of Obama. Even if you don't live in the U.S. amirite?

What they said ^

It's amazing how a new relationship can completely change your best friend, amirite?

One of my friends literally has no friends anymore because she ditched them all for her boyfriend. Her life is fucked if he ever dumps her (because she'll never dump him).

Is it just me, or does nearly every person from England on American Tv come from London? There are other places, and that is hardly the accent. amirite?

Either this is or they're supposedly from somewhere else in England but they sound like Londoners anyway.

It's ironic how one of my windows is open to amirite while another is on Not Always Right, amirite?

Thank you for introducing me to this site :)

British Accents > Scottish Accents, amirite?
@Katffro The accents sound very different. And you can have different accents within a country. I.E. Southern accents in the...

The point remains that a Scottish accent IS a British accent, because Scotland IS in Great Britain. You were probably thinking of an English accent (and a posh one at that) and it's not the same thing.