About me.

o hai :)
I'm Heather, and I'm (currently) a freshman in high school. I know, right? Gross.
I play the trumpet and fiddle, but after playing the trumpet for the past four years, I've decided to quit. It also has nothing to do with the fact that my director was on leave for two months for possession of illegal substances. shifty glance around the room
I live on lazy mode on this site. I think it's the greatest invention ever.
Sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm wrong, but most of the time I'm inactive.
Another lil tidbit, I'm terrible and awkward when it comes to writing the "About Me" section. I BET READING THIS HAS BEEN SOOO EXCITING FOR YOU!
My best friends are Elena and Jackie. Now you know.
Oh god my sleeping obese chihuahua just farted D:
Now you know that too.
Isn't knowing fun?!
Okay so I'm going to hastily and awkwardly (at the same time?!?! you crazy multi tasker you) end this now. Time to go read my summer reading book, because school totally doesn't start in three days ;D
oooookay bye bye now, ya hear?