When a plant dies it hurts a person more, amirite?

Like physically or mentally or emotionally

"I'll be younger in the future" is true for future you. amirite?

One of us needs more caffeine, because either I'm not awake enough to understand this, or you weren't awake enough when writing it. Hang in a sec...

(picks up PA mic and toggles the key)
Need a logic-check in aisle 13?!

Humans are self charging. amirite?

Stick a fork in a power outlet some time. You'll charge twice as fast.

Pickles are the only thing routinely added to only the middle of a hamburger, amirite?

You meant "center" instead of "middle?"

Pregnant women technically have eight limbs, thus making them arachnids, amirite?

Pregnant women do not have eight limbs, or two hearts, or two brains.

The mom has her body and the baby has their own body. The baby and the mother are not the same entity, they are different people.

Everyone dies but not everyone truly lives. amirite?

well that's the same as saying not everybody truly dies if they're still remembered

Almost everyone uses Q-Tips to clean their ears even though they aren't intended or marketed to do that. amirite?
@Qrusader Feels good

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if the president of Q-Tips uses them to clean her or his ears.

T-Rex had such short forearms. amirite?

And big teeth.

If you lose to yourself in an imaginary argument does that make you dumb or smart enough to outsmart yourself. amirite?

I play chess with myself to answer this very question and I have yet to be able to answer.

Super Natural and Supernatural are exact opposites. amirite?

Try dishnored 2. Its a game abaut an assasin with supernatural powers.

You can park 4 cars in 2 parallel parking spaces, amirite?
You can park 4 cars in 2 parallel parking spaces, amirite?

by parking perpendicularly?

James Bond must have a hell of a lot of VD, amirite?

Why else do you think Bond keeps changing actors? When one gets an STD, they replace him.

Debates are pointless, they don't change anybody's mind and the people just get entrenched in the view they had in the first place. amirite?

It depends on those involved. If you come in the conversation with the intention to learn, debate is useful.

If you remember something but your too late, then you didn't remember it. amirite?