Fans should be black, for safety reasons. White is a very dangerous colour for a fan. amirite?
We will never be able to know the exact reason for our existence and the existence of the universe. amirite?

There's no real reason. That's why religion exists, to help those who can't cope well with the unknown.

Most lesbian porn almost instantly passess the bechdel test, amirite?
10 of 10 on the pain scale should be reserved for extreme cases, amirite?
We are the only species crazy enough to ,actively, think of ways to annihilate ourselves and actually Test Them! amirite?

I dunno.. Orca beach themselves... That seems a bit similar

The vast majority of the sky is actually below our feet. amirite?
Football is one of the most boring sports to ever exist, amirite?
We prize music and singers way too much in our society, amirite?

I would say the vast majority of musicians and singers are not worshipped, only a very small portion of them that have reached the point of being a celebrity. Most musicians barely make a living. I think the problem is that celebrities have become all what popular music is about. I agree, a lot of the popular artists out now don't deserve the worship, but musicians in general are actually struggling.

And I think the reason why music tastes becomes such a large part of people's identity is because it gives people a sense of belonging. For example, I'm very into goth music and that genre has its own culture, fashion, and community surrounding it. I think most people who are really into one type of music also listen to other genres, but their preferences often mean something deeper to them.

Age is the outside number. It's the inside number that counts. amirite?

Tell that to my three glass of wine hangover this morning. My insides definitely seem to know what age I am.

At least one celebrity has successfully faked their own death, amirite?

Jim Morrison and Andy Kaufman definitely

Michael Jordan is obviously more famous than Messi and Ronaldo, amirite?

I am American too, but even I know that what sports are popular here are not the same as other countries. They call soccer "futball" across the pond, and it's much more popular than basket ball or football over there jsyk

Privilege is not an abundance of opportunities, it's a lack of obstacles. amirite?

"Privilege" is a term bandied about by people who have no clue how hard someone worked to get to where they are.

The Amount of Showboating in the NFL is annoying. amirite?

I like the showboating! You have to compete with professional wrestling. Some fans love to hate .

If there was a jab to cure stupidity, they'd refuse to have it, amirite?

If there was a jab to cure stupidity, OP would stick it in his ass regardless of side effects, like a moron.

People have no problem judging people until it becomes their civic duty to serve as a juror. amirite?

Disagree. For me it's knowing the injustices of the justice system that I, as a average citizen can never fully understand. Actual lawyers sometimes know and those in cahoots. Wealth and status alone influence outcomes…