We are the only species crazy enough to ,actively, think of ways to annihilate ourselves and actually Test Them! amirite?

I dunno.. Orca beach themselves... That seems a bit similar

The vast majority of the sky is actually below our feet. amirite?
Privilege is not an abundance of opportunities, it's a lack of obstacles. amirite?

"Privilege" is a term bandied about by people who have no clue how hard someone worked to get to where they are.

If there was a jab to cure stupidity, they'd refuse to have it, amirite?

If there was a jab to cure stupidity, OP would stick it in his ass regardless of side effects, like a moron.

People have no problem judging people until it becomes their civic duty to serve as a juror. amirite?

Disagree. For me it's knowing the injustices of the justice system that I, as a average citizen can never fully understand. Actual lawyers sometimes know and those in cahoots. Wealth and status alone influence outcomes…

In the near future phones will be so water resistant that pushing people into pools will become funny again, amirite?

I think by now most phones are water resistant enough

We just accepted the fact that there is an animal that will fart on command when threatened. amirite?

What else are we supposed to do with the fact other than just accept it 🤷‍♂️

The vast majority of the sky is actually below our feet. amirite?
.4° looks like a person taking a dump, amirite?
For a lot of men the objective in sex is to avoid orgasming. amirite?
People say rusty metal is "tasteless" , but maybe we have just become so used to licking it. We don't even realise the taste. amirite?
as easy as it is to not murder someone in life, there are quite a bit of murders. amirite?

They are intentional. Hence Murder.

Baby Shark has more views than there are people on Earth, and it targets a demographic that can't chose what it watches. amirite?
If you batter any chicken from scratch, you are dipping chicken carcasses into it's former fetus form (also known as eggs). amirite?

It's a family reunion.

Having $1/sec still takes 31.7 years to reach $1,000,000,000, amirite?

I better start investing