If you can't afford to buy something with cash, you shouldn't buy it, amirite?

Yeah! If you can't afford healthcare you do t deserve it! /S

Huskies really don't belong in America, amirite?
Huskies really don't belong in America, amirite?
It's safer to be an airport Uber driver since your passengers went thru TSA before getting in, amirite?

Safe from getting shot, maybe, but you're far more likely to contract a contagious disease considering people can be coming from anywhere. Disease kills far more people than bullets, even in the US where we have state funded fascist murder squads pulling people over for no reasons.

Tons young men now a days in there early adult hood are so afraid of being a "simps" they do exactly the opposite to get any and think it's some sort of win. amirite?

It's called maturity. Some people grow out of trying to impress others some don't. I could agree with this if I was still in highschool or college.

Aggressive salespersons ruin any chance of me ever buying their product, amirite?

Ohh yes definitely. I went to a store once to buy me some clothes and while I was just looking around, a staff member came and was really determined to make me try various clothes (that were overpriced) because of that,I ended up leaving without buying anything.

Huskies really don't belong in America, amirite?
@Pmbuttpics4adrawing That's Vermont.

You're right. I'm thinking of Quebec a-little-to-the-right

Huskies really don't belong in America, amirite?
@Gangstacat4882 Many parts of Canada do also! Plus don't almost all canadas population live relatively close to the us border...

That's not really a "gotcha".

There's a big difference between record breaking in Texas and PEI. But! you're right and have a point, due to climate change, it's becoming even unethical to have huskies even in Southern Canada...maybe in 5 years from now I'll be saying "nobody past tois rivierers should have a Husky!". Then in 20 years I'll say "nobody past Nunavik should have a Husky!" Haha!...our world is burning :/.

You don't "eat with your eyes", you eat with your nose! amirite?

This is what people do now. Dissect common sayings and take them literally.

Huskies really don't belong in America, amirite?
@Thatoneduderyan I gotta say, your geography skills are really lacking.

I know what this is, You're going to try to sell me a keychain with my name on it and say "OooOoh, Maine is ReAl" or "ohhhHhh Vermont is real!" Well, keychain salesman, I know the truth! Birds aren't real and Maine's not real! It's all a ruse by Quebec so Legault can buy more beachfront apartments. Probably with more fake birds too!

Most jokes never get old, amirite?

same with your mom, and thats what she said. its timless lol

Bike Lanes Are Dangerous And Stupid, amirite?
@Alixkast for how little they actually get used. You're not european then ... ''-)

Thats correct, I'm in Canada so I'm sure my opinion would be different if I lived in a small country that biking actually makes sense.

Huskies really don't belong in America, amirite?
@Tanmoykayesen No. Maine.

Maine isn't real. It's government propaganda to sell me "welcome to Maine!" Stickers.

American football should be called soccer, amirite?

bruhh.. to start off I am from the U.S. You're basically saying that because the United States wanted to be different from literally everyone else and call futbol "soccer" that means that an entirely different sport should be renamed to "soccer". You realize how dumb this sounds and how little this makes sense?

Huskies really don't belong in America, amirite?
@KilljoyX Bro, I have been to Maine, and I am not going to argue with you that that may have been a mirage. What a weird...

You cross the boarder and suddenly you feel disoriented, dehydrated and the humidity makes you feel like a sad rat. It's not real HAHAHA.

Vermont is just Quebec but you need your passport to go shop.