If someone is convicted of murder we should paper their cells with the victims picture so they have to see it everyday. We should also tattoo the victims name on their hands to remind them what their murderous hands have done, amirite?
There's never any toilet tissue around when you need it most. amirite?

That only happens in public places unless you or your people a really numb. I live alone so no chance of it happening to me.

How many oceans have you seen?
Someone originally figured out how to tie your shoes, amirite?

I still can't get the laces to stay tied, so I tuck them into the shoe and hope they stay putpty smilie

Driving on a lonely country road can be some of the best therapy out there
@Timeprofessional Yes but it can be so annoying in the USA. A straight road into the distance with nothing as far as the eye can...

and trees no wonder speed limits go up in really northern areas, you gotta drive as fast as possible just to stay awake trees trees nothing but trees.

It's really annoying when a vegetarian is constantly talking about animal rights and how no one should eat meat because it's no different than eating a human. 1) If you don't want to eat meat, that's fine. I still like it though. 2) There is a difference between eating animals and humans. It's not illegal to eat an animal. amirite?
@HopeImrite BUT HUMANS AND ANIMALS ARE EQUALS!! No, no animals are not.

Poor animals are used for human consumption, sad but true. I do like meat, was brought up with it. I don't buy too much meat now as I am not rich., so beans and rice are often my foods.

Voting can be dangerous, amirite?

OK I did that post myself, one reason people die waiting to vote in Maine is, they lump everyone from a town into one place, so many need to wait outside and it is cold and dangerous to be outside in Maine untill June.

The people who used to bum smokes from just about anybody in the old days are mostly outta luck now, amirite?
@Oh? How come?

Because I want to live in a tiny home and it is in a better neighborhood.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are the perfect fit for each other; the only problem is we may not have enough room in the media to fit the giant mega douche bag they form, amirite?

I don't love them either, but find no reasons to say anything mean about them. d smilie

If you support a war you need to be the one fighting it, amirite?

I do believe if more government officials had to send their kids to war, they would be less likely to vote for going to war.

If you had a choice, what would you dream about tonight?
The unwarranted attacks on Bernie Sanders are the oligarchy trying to maintain power, amirite?

Bernie frightens me with his give everyone a free ticket for school, insurance and whatever. everything - that can't work if we want freedoms we have in the USA, the federal deficit needs to be cleaned up before giving freebies to anyone.

Kids who buy Toy Story toys are probably so disappointed with them that they blow them up with firecrackers, amirite?

YA that will make em fly, we always hooked our gijoes to kites so they could fly, but often just fell to a crumpled death.

Chances are at least once in your life and without your knowledge an employee has spit in your drive-thru order, amirite?

I am always nice to them, they have no reason. Plus, I like walking inside better

The people who used to bum smokes from just about anybody in the old days are mostly outta luck now, amirite?