About me.

Hiya, I'm Chloe and I'm sixteen, my nicknames Loulou cause my middle names Louisa :3 I'm English, and no, I have never had tea with the queen. Have you had McDonalds with Obama? That would be amazing though :0 I'm quarter Maltese cause my nan is from Malta.. Sometimes, the reason I won't do a thing all day is that my kitten has fallen to sleep on my tummy and is making adorable little noises and I don't have the heart to wake him up.. People 'K'ing me will really irritate me.

When I was little I thought that in the song Hey Ya, instead of 'Shake it like a Polaroid Picture', I always thought it said 'Shake it like a bowl of raw pizza'. I hang my head in shame.

I go to college.. WOO. I like Twilight but I LOVE Harry Potter and have grown up with it. I want to marry Dr. Sheldon Cooper.. :3 I flirt quite a lot but usually it's in a really subtle way so people can't even tell I'm doing it ;)

My hair in my avatar is the result of my best friend playing hairdresser on me, she's in college studying hairdressing and I was her very first test subject ;o

I eat crumpets, but I call them pikelets, and I drink tea
I can do an amazing American accent. Seriously, I'm brilliant ;)
My favourite food is fajitas and my favourite drink is diet coke..
I love poppies and that's as far as my love of nature goes
My favourite colour is blue..

My family and friends are basically my life, I may have to kill you if you talk badly about them. I hate bitchiness but have been known to partake in it.. :/ I like reading but some people find that surprising as I can be dopey :/ Books I like are...
Any Stephen King books,
House of Night Books,
Morganville Vampires,
Twilight's (Not even a quarter as much as the above though)
Funny books,
Sad books,
Any books really ;D

I love:
Leonardo DiCaprio
Johnny Depp
Rupert Grint
Ed Sheeran
Adam Sandler
Mila Kunis
Emma Stone
Ryan Gosling
Will Smith
Seth Rogan
Any Irish person
The Strokes m/(-.-)m/
Boys with dimples (:'D)
Taylor Swift
The Rolling Stones
The Beatles
Channing Tatum
Russell Howard
Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother
2 Broke Girls
The Mummy
Fresh Prince Of Bell Air
Russell Brand
And bye(: ♥