About me.

I'm an 18 year old female :) i live in a boring little town, in a boring little state, where nothing ever exciting happens :) except the filming of the movie "the crazies" lol :) wooooh! anyway, some random things about me :)
favourite movies: when harry met sally, he's just not that into you, juno, up, horton hears a who, monster house :) and many many more :) :) (i'm a movie freak)
favourite books: i like books even more than movies :) and i really love the ones with happy, cheesy endings, unless i'm in a thriller mood, or the great harry potter :) i love Ella Enchanted :) you can't go wrong with harry potter, and twilight was alright :) it got annoying when all the other vampire stuff came out though :) and honestly, Robert pattinson? >.< i've seen inanimate things more attractive.. like a toaster :) i also love the book two-way street :) if i think of anymore i'll randomly add them, though i'm sure you probably don't really care, whoever is reading this :)
hmmm i love dancing in the rain when it's storming :) and i love sleeping :) and blah blah blah :)
and oh yeah, :) i'm totally in love :)