Job or Entrepreneurship? Which is better? I go for entrepreneur...

I get what this post is trying to ask, but being an entrepreneur is a type of job...

Which kids channel had the best cartoons?

I didn't have any of these channels when I was younger. YTV, Teletoon and Family channel were the best up here in Canada

With the chains rappers have, you'd probably need to go through neck training
Imagination solves many problems, amirite?

I read imagination the way Spongebob says it haha

When you were little, you wondered how the hell they drew EVERY frame for a cartoon within a week, amirite?

When I was young I always wondered how they were able to make the characters look the same between frames

Have you ever suddenly realized that you existed?

I'm glad I'm not the only one

The hardest part of exercising or doing homework isn't actually doing it, but rather getting yourself to start doing it, amirite?

I'm doing some linear algebra, I've started it and it's still kind of difficult :(

Imagine a dictionary a few centuries later. "penny(noun): a coin worth 0.01 dollars. (archaic term)", amirite?
It's just not the same to watch shows like Magic School Bus or Bill Nye the Science Guy on DVD rather than on VHS, amirite?
@peto1 cant be same quality dvd is superior to vhs

Pardon? I think you're referring to the fact that a DVD would be higher quality than a VHS? When I made this post I was talking more about if you're watching these shows now on DVD rather than VHS, it doesn't have the same nostalgia.

It is far too hard to get comfortable in a coach flight, amirite?

Haha sometimes it pays to be small! I've never had any problems with space on a plane

Pumpkin pie is much better with whipped cream, amirite?

Or ice cream

You don't want to be immortal, you just want to be able to choose how long you live, amirite?

What's the fun in that? We would spend our lives thinking about death, instead we should be thinking about the opposite

You prefer wheat bread over white bread, amirite?

White bread has wheat in it, along with basically all types of bread... I'm assuming you're referring to whole wheat bread?

It will be pretty awesome if humans had the ability to hibernate like bears, every once in a while
It will be pretty awesome if humans had the ability to hibernate like bears, every once in a while

Fun fact: bears don't actually hibernate, but instead going into what is known as torpor. It's basically the same concept as hibernation (lowers the metabolism and body temperature in server conditions) but at a lesser extent. Bears still remain 'active' during torpor, tending to their young and being somewhat alert, rather than going into a deep 'sleep'.