I'm a Southerner, and True Blood makes us look really bad, amirite?

After I read you were a Southerner, I read the rest in a southern accent.

When you're a kid you think your parents are soulmates, amirite?

Then you get realistic.

When did we start calling techno music 'dubstep', amirite?

I liked it better when there was none of this dubstep shit.

When you blow your nose underwater, and then open your eyes and look at it, it looks like a memory from Harry Potter, amirite?

I wonder how many people tried this.

You've never actually seen a 'Kick Me' sign taped on someones back, amirite?

I put "say hi to me" on peoples back. It's the kind version of kick me.

It feels very weird and uncomfortable to put on a bra after a whole day of not wearing one, amirite?
It feels very weird and uncomfortable to put on a bra after a whole day of not wearing one, amirite?

I never not wear a bra. Even when I sleep I wear one.

Just because I'm a teenager dosen't mean I'm about to swear at you, insult you or steal from you, amirite?

Teenagers and black people. Not that i think that, but the sterotypes are pretty much the same.

Sometimes you mark the passing of time just by how much music you've listened to, amirite?

I tell people how long it takes to get some where measured in songs.

Girls:You'd rather not kiss a guy with a mustache or beard or any form of facial hair near the mouth, amirite?

I like a bit of scruff. Some guys look way too young when they shave.

You think Mad Libs are really [adjective], amirite?
You have come to terms with the fact that you will never be in first place on Rainbow Road in Mario Kart, and are just happy to still be ON the road and not falling off it every five seconds. amirite?

On my DS I never fall off and I normaly win, but on my Wii I fail so badly.

Hunting for sport is wrong, amirite?
Hunting for sport is wrong, amirite?

In Vermont they have a problem with the over population of deer so hunting there is a good thing.

There's certain things that should never be bought at yard sales, amirite?