Girls: when you get bored in the shower, you read the back of the shampoo bottles. Guys: you never get bored in the shower ;) amirite?
If your house were to get possessed by a spirt or whatever like in Paranormal Activity, you would have some fun with it. Like if it were to start pounding and making noises, you would make louder noises and compete with it. amirite?

I'd just move into a tent. There's no basement to drag me into, or any doors to slam.

We can vote to decide who runs our country and we can enlist to defend it with weapons of mass destruction, yet we aren't old enough to have a drink. There is something wrong here... amirite?

So you're old enough to get shot, but not old enough to take a shot.

Why does England have a queen? millions of taxpayer's dollars are going to keep her castle all nice when all she did to deserve it was being born into the right family. it's all just for the sake of tradition, amirite?
When your high school has a rally, the freshman are always booed. amirite?

The seniors yell 'Go home freshmen!' and the freshmen yell back 'Drop out seniors!' Last year though, the seniors threw apples at them(we live in upstate ny).

You're reading this while pooping, amirite?
It's amazing that Dreamworks can take something as butt-ugly as a chameleon and turn it into an adorable companion for a girl with 70 feet of hair. amirite?
It doesn't need to be a fist to be domestic violence. It could just be hurtful words or a slightly burnt english muffin. amirite?

It sounds like you need a hug.

You wonder how many people on here live in your town or go to your school, amirite?

Upstate NY anyone??

Pandora listeners: "More, it's my favorite word." You know exactly what I'm talking about, amirite?

I listen to Pandora, and I'm even listening to it now. I don't know what you're talking about

Do you like up dog? - "What's up dog?" hahaha. amirite?

They did that on The Office, but said does it smell like up dog in here?

Foreign guys are sexy, amirite?
@GabbyGirlie815 FEZ! <3

That's who I thought of too! high five

Dear Microwave: WHY did you make my bowl hot, but not the food, amirite?


KFC should sell kool-aid, amirite?
Don't you hate when some dark lord cuts off your hand and then you find out it's your dad, amirite?

Yeah, that happened last week. But my dad and I are geting the counseling we need.