About me.

So, my name is Heather. I'm 14 as of April 30.

~I am a Harry Potter fanatic and I think Twilight is stupid and horrible.
~I laugh at the simplest things and enjoy comedy.
~I love MLIA, the Cheezburger sites, DearBlankPleaseBlank, Grouchy Rabbit, and Spartz Network websites. ~The show Adventure Time is pretty darn awesome, along with Dr. Who.
~I like fantasy, and fiction.
~I love World History and architecture.
~I am a Hypocritical Grammar Nazi, so I may correct your bad grammar.
~I troll Omegle and the Mormons, it's very exciting.
~I seem to be bad at creating Amirite's that will be home paged. Oh wells.
~I love Panic! At The Disco, Apocalyptica, Michael Jackson, Yellowcard, and a lot more you probably don't care about.
~I like Pokemon.

That's just about it. Message me, friend me, whatever. Talk to you eventually, I guess. See ya.