About me.

Hola! Como Estas? Yeah pretty much failed Spanish after that... Anyways! You may call me Lucky, cause I find it kinda wierd if people I don't know called me by name 0.0....

I hail from the Midwest lands in the middle of great fields of the United States. At the moment I am writing this (2010) I am 18. Graduated from Highschool Choir of angels singing and hopefully going to college...next year.

I tend to say what comes into my mind, though most people think I might be wrong. Was shy in high school, but like to think I am coming out of my shell. I have close friends who are awesome to the nth degree. I like to draw, paint and write, though I am an amateur at all 3.

Here are 3 random facts about me:
1. Favorite color is sky blue
2. Favorite movie is Nick and Nora's Infinite playlist
3. On the Kinsey Scale i'm about a 5.5, if you don't know what that means then oh well :3

(Sidenote: Picture is me..in American Gov.....Holding an Ice-cream scooper...)