There are thousands of insane parents not letting their kids leave the house. amirite?

If they are infected they aren't insane, plus it's 2 weeks, not like they're doing a 5 year stretch in solitary

In Avatar, if waterbenders can bloodbend, they can make their penises rock hard, amirite?

Just saw this episode, they can also control how the penis moves lololololololololololol

A average person has slept more times than has lived his age in days, amirite?

idk about you, but i don't sleep 12h + (and sry if what i wrote makes no sense to you, but bcs of phrasing i might not understand what you mean)

If man born in 1780 lived to 120 and then fathered a child who lived to be 120, that child would still be alive today, amirite?

This is stupid. No one lives this long, especially born in 1700s

Why not 150? Ffs

Dogs think that we can only see them through cameras and that's why they're extra photogenic, amirite?

You may have the water temperature up to high.

There is going to be a boom in haircuts done by mothers. amirite?
@johnsonsteeth I was contemplating on doing it myself. I'm sure I'll regret it immediately

Same. I was worried about the star stray hairs and considering doing it over a trash can.

If we all evolved from a single bacteria we are technically mutants. amirite?

Everything mutates to become better or worse

Someday, in millions of years, dogs could evolve to be a species similar to humans, amirite?

Could. Won't. Not with their attitude.

Quit the drugs, son. Your dog's just a dog.

In 20 to 30 years there will be nursing homes filled with old guys listening to heavy metal, amirite?
@UncleStuv Some of us older guys have very eclectic tastes in music. I like a little classical, some jazz, tiny amount of pop...

My assistant is a 68 old woman. She is a brassy broad and I hope to be just like her when I grow up.

It's easy to tell just by looking at an angle of it's 90°, but all other angles are near impossible to tell just by looking at them, amirite?
@Nick2005 I'm gonna say 180° is pretty easy too. O° and 360° come to mind as well.

Arguably all three of those angles would just look like a straight line making it literally impossible to now if your representing a 180°, 0° or 360° angle, you just played yourself fool!

The first butt that one will ever smell, would mostly be their own! amirite?

(imagines people furiously trying to smell their own butt)

A lot of people are about to have to learn how to cook. amirite?

Well then, I'd wager it's about damn time!

One day, a smartphone camera will be better than our eyesight. amirite?

One day, like, years ago?

Why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food.

the evolutionary acceleration of the human race compared to that of the same species 20,000 years ago is terrifying to think about. amirite?

We went from riding around in horses and wagons to landing in the moon in not even a hundred years.