If a robber ever breaks into your house, just pretend to be one too, and you guys will have a good laugh and hug and he'll leave, because you had first dibs. amirite?
@stepdom That is right I am robbing the place in my pajamas

I even put pictures of myself around the house to throw them off

At this rate, Harry and Ginny Potter's fourth kid is going to be named Dobby Hedwig, amirite?

Guys, they have to respect EVERYONE who died by naming their kid Fred-Lupin-Colin-Tonks-Gregorovitch-Gornuk-Dirk-Technically Harry-Giant Spider-Nagini-Tom Potter

There's better ways than war to get back at a country. For example, pick a day where its supposed to rain, fly over the capital city, and drop thousands of rolls of toilet paper. That way no one gets killed, everyone gets confused, and they have to spend their time getting wet toilet paper off of their buildings instead of hurting others. amirite?

Didn't you learn about the Great TP War of '14? All of the best and brightest TPers were drafted, from 8th Graders to College students. We almost lost because of the general Adolf Shitler, but luckily we used a W-Bomb to cause the biggest known wipe in history. We sustained many causalities such as stern warnings and Xbox's being taken away, but it was worth it.

Violence is not the answer. It is the question. And the answer is yes.

Girls, You hate it when you sit down to pee and somones been brutally murdered in your underwear, amirite?
@This is foul!

(Nasty Nate): this post just SEEMS to be about periods. Its really about sluts whose vaginas are so loose that people climb inside. And live there. Until they're brutally murdered

Dr. Suess would have been an amazing sexter, amirite?

"I'll put my dickdoodler into your vaginhole and and make you squeal with joy,This will be so much better than any toy
We'll thrust and thrust and see how much I can cram,
I'll make your eggs green with my huge ham"

Girls: you feel safer when you're wearing a bra, amirite?

B.R.A., Battle Ready Armor. Kids Next Door told me that

Sometimes, you find yourself randomly touching your vagina. amirite?
@Amish_Allosaurus Which is weird since I'm a guy...

Dude, i know. Sometimes my dick spontaneously implodes into a vagina, giving my the urge to touch it

The best time to wear a striped sweater is during a Waldo convention, amirite?

one with a collar, turtleneck

It would be hilarious if they made 'I <3 Penis' bracelets, amirite?

Support the fight against testicular cancer!

Girls: you would never masturbate with a small container filled with buzzing bees like Cleopatra, amirite?

That would just be gross. Now excuse me while I stick my penis into this melon

The only thing you truly own is yourself, amirite?
Women's masturbation should be called 'Jilling Off', amirite?

I'm not sure I completely agree with this, but the wording is just so great