If you pretend to shake salt into your mouth, you can actually taste the salt, amirite?

All I tasted was cum

It's ridiculous that a kidnapped person who develops feelings for their kidnapper is said to have "Stockholm Syndrome." It's not some unnatural disease, it's learning that everyone is human, even the so-called monsters, and that they too deserve pity, amirite?

I don't think you are taking this seriously enough.

When the Chinese take over the world it will be considered an invASIAN, amrite? amirite?
You are booberific, amirite?

Too many modest women and fat men on amirite...

I bet people from West Philadelphia get really tired of telling people where they were born and raised, amirite?

because there is only so many playgrounds to chill, relax, and max that have b-ball courts with a couple of guys up to no good that start making trouble in the neightborhood. Then people got upset and moved because of one little fight and moved to their uncle and aunt that live in Bel-air.Then they take a plane that has orange juice in champane glasses. They then take a rare cab with fresh on the license plate and dice in the mirror.Then they tell the driver ''yo Holmes, to Bel-air.'' They get there at 7 or 8. They tell the cab driver to smell them later. Then they are there to sit on the throne as the Prince of Bel-air.

The best time to wear a striped sweater is during a Waldo convention, amirite?

Or when you're killing kids on Elm Street.

It's weird to think about we ARE the internet generation. We got to witness the birth itself of the interwebz and all technology that came with it, and got to experience life both with it and life without it. We will now and forever be the last generation who's ever seen the world without internet, amirite?

Except the Amish.

it sucks when you go outside to have a cigarette only to find out it's raining. amirite?

It sucks when you're smoking a cigarette in the first place. Literally.

Justin Bieber moans so much in his music becuase it is the only time he gets to. amirite?

Because his mom is an ex-Ghost Buster, and he's afraid she will suck him up if he starts moaning?

Sometimes you wish there was a room that contained everyone you've ever met and became fond of. Especially if it contained best friends that you lost in touch with and everyone who ever was inspirational to you. amirite?

That room would be pretty crowded....no, wait....it wouldn't. :( Forever alone...

Some movies can never be remade. Don't tamper with a masterpiece, amirite?

The Spice Girls Movie!

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Don't you hate it when you accidentally add chemical X into your pot with sugar, spice and everything nice, amirite?

Like a Faust

Wet t-shirt contests in the North Pole are probably a bad idea,amirite?

Then guys and girls will be able to use the "its cold out here" excuse.

Everyone's favorite dinosaur seems to be a Velociraptor, amirite?

Betty White.