It's kind of weird to get a compliment from your teacher. amirite?
@Hey, your legs are looking nice and smooth today, Madisyn

that is super creepy because I hate my math teacher and he tries to be nice to me and I just glare at him.

When you were little you wanted to be a Power Ranger when you grew up. amirite?


It would be really weird if your lesbian moms got divorced and both remarried, because then you'd have four moms, amirite?
It's pretty weird when you see a post that has more comments than votes. amirite?
@StickCaveman Are we still doing this?

nope, but thanks for the love on my posts :)

History teachers are the most outgoing, amirite?

My history teacher last year retired, and as a retirement gift, she went skydiving. shes the best.

Don't you just "love" those papers your teachers hand you that isn't hole-punched, but you can see that the paper she used to photocopy was hole-punched. She's mocking us isn't she, amirite?
@some_guy " She's mocking us aren't she? " WTF?

"Don't you just "love" those papers your teachers hand you that isn't hole-punched, "
that AREN'T hole-punched.

It's funny how people sometimes say "What is that from?" after a joke or remark, because obviously being creative isn't an option, amirite?

where's that from?

You wonder what rolling around naked in money would feel like, amirite?


You hate it when your ball sac sticks to your inner thigh, amirite?

i hate when this happens.

When you find out someone likes you you can't help but be a little flirty with them even if you don't feel the same way, amirite?
You can tell a lot about a person from their password, amirite?
So if the Cullens are bloodthirsty, why don't any of them make a mad dash for Bella during 'that time of the month', amirite?
@EpicGymnast Well pretend blood is like milk. The blood coursing through your veins is delicious cold milk and period blood is...

If you compare normal blood to milk, i'd think that period blood is like cottage cheese or something..

Demi Lovato sings A LOT better than people think. amirite?

I love demi lovato. she's my favorite artist.

Why do we drink milk with chocolate? That's just like eating ketchup with a tomato, amirite?

Some people eat hamburgers with tomatoes AND ketchup. Jus' sayin'.

You brush your teeth more thoroughly when you're listening to music. amirite?