Someone out there has a really famous porn star parent that they can't escape from when watching porn, amirite? (hopefully) solves that.

Mockingbirds think we communicate in car alarm and siren. amirite?
Middle aged women are attracted to the pool boy because he cleans something. amirite?
Flair guns and fire extinguishers are two purchases that you hope you never touch again after buying. amirite?

You do realize don't you that it is recommended to inspect a fire extinguisher periodically?

Mosquitoes are probably the only animal that most people agree its OK to kill in any way necessary, amirite?
It'd be dope if nipples clicked in and out like pens. amirite?

Tf are you on

A corndog is a popsicle if you don't cook it. amirite?
@Missannthropic What about copdicle

There was only one wrong answer...and you found it. Please keep your copdicles to yourself

Due to inflation, it's easier than ever to carry $100 worth of groceries. amirite?

not really cuz u cant afford gas

Actors are very professional and passionate cosplayers, amirite?

I mean in terms of cosplay I'd say their more like the prostitutes of cosplayers. Cosplayers do it voluntarily usually because they have a genuine liking of a character, actors get paid and may or may not like the character. They even have pimps (agents).

If birds and flying bugs didn't exist we would never invent flying. amirite?

We don't have to invent flying.

The main purpose of a wallet besides holding money is to make you feel uncomfortable that way you know it's still there, amirite?
@KilljoyX I don't think I've ever seen a wallet advertised as being uncomfortable to carry.

or to reassure you that your money is with you, and you don't stress that it is lost or somewhere else

If everything happens for a reason…than it has to include everything—like each grain of sand in it's very exact position. amirite?
@baddThots I hate sand …

By OP's logic, it's there, just for you to feel hate…

The human race as a collective is slowly getting dumber as the years go on. amirite?

Idk man. I think if you took someone from 1,000 years ago, they'd be pretty dumb… maybe more self sufficient in a lot of ways, but certainly not book smart - I think it was pretty rare for the average Joe to get an education up until maybe 100-150 years ago.

I think collectively we're getting smarter - just dumb people have more opportunities to be heard nowadays.

There's a special circle in hell for you mfers that order delivery right before we close. amirite?
@KilljoyX You're getting paid, though.

Not nearly enough. Some time is more valuable than other time.

The feet of all humans who stand on a level surface are always pointing to the same location (the center of the earth) amirite?

What if they have their feet spread--like a sailors stance? (An upside down V).