C and D batteries are as useless as 9-Volt batteries these days, amirite?

Unless you're a guitarist

Everyone who makes it through April gets a do over. amirite?

I am trying to make it through April, cause I want to get into Summer. April is a big one, and Summer is so HOT!

If you masturbate fast enough, your penis won't get older. amirite?
most intelligent people see themsleves as idiots, whilst people with weaker cognitive abilities often think themselves as smart and intelligent, amirite?
If you want a significant other who understands your emotions, just date a therapist. amirite?

This is factually incorrect

It's likely you've walked by a killer at least once in your life. amirite?

I've known two people who have snapped and killed somebody. I would have never guessed based on their personalities.

Paying for something with cash is the same thing as giving someone part of a tree. amirite?

I can't speak for other countries, but the US dollar is made of cotton and Linen.

One day you'll be exactly halfway through your life without ever realizing it, amirite?
@tonywonderslostnut What if you die in your sleep at 3AM

Why would you be asleep at 3am? That's like the middle of the day.

At some point in your life, you probably beat a world record of some kind. amirite?

You are the first to do whatever you are doing.

A sharp knife is at the same time dangerous and safe to work with. amirite?
Everyone alive today will experience dying along with the infinite other dead beings that have walked/swam/flew the planet, amirite?

I hope to become immortal.

If all humans simply disappeared one day no one would know about it. amirite?

Who's left to know about it?

You can slit someone's neck with a Dorito. amirite?

The Dorito Ninja strikes again!

There is an exception to almost every rule. (ex. No killing, unless in self defense) amirite?
People really take for granted how effortlessly we harness the power of the elements every day in our homes, such as when cooking or freezing food. amirite?

I did until I started doing living history and realizing how much WORK our ancestors did with just cooking.