About me.

just the fact that i took the time to make this profile that you will probably stop reading before the end just shows how pointless my life is.

i don't even have a life.
.......painful TRUTH.

at least i'm not a pale psycho with no social lifeQQQ (oops)
.......i'm not pale, anyways.

OK OK OK i get some exercise (did i spell that wrong?) doing gymnastics. but otherwise i'm pretty much a lazy bum.

........so the emmy goes to me for the awkwardest profile in the history of the universe.

" i'd like to thank those of you who are so depressed you actually read this whole freaking profile about my strange life.
.......and also ellen DeGeneres because she makes me laugh my butt off."

My life and ambitions.

i would like to grow up to be either
a pickle
a ballerina waitress
or an underwater gymnast

The things I could never live without.


In my free time I like to...

laugh about how pointless my life is

You should send me a message if you..

think you are majestical. i am majestical. therefore we can be majestical together