About me.

Hello. I am Mandii Smith. I don’t lick the lids from my yogurt, it weirds me out. I have lost all respect for snow plow drivers. I spend all my money and never have anything to show for it. I am a terrible speller so I use Google to check some words. I have yet to color a picture with nothing outside of the lines. I have a passion for music. I have high standards for what music I let in my ears. I most likely don’t like what you listen to; it’s not you it’s this era of music. I don’t care if you don’t like me. I have a black side you just can’t see it. I will eat cereal at any time in the day. I have a guy named Jesus as my role model; he should be yours too. I think fighting for sport is awesome, but fighting out of anger is stupid. I love going to concerts, local or big are both fine with me, the louder the better. I am hoping for better years than 2009. I most likely don’t have a problem with toast. I think people need to grow up and stop thinking of themselves. I listen to screamo music a lot; a beastly breakdown will give me chills. I have a quote book, maybe you could be a part of it some day. I am afraid of a lot of things, the ocean, bald men, old people, mosh pits, the dark, and windows included. I sing when people are listening, louder when they aren’t. I don’t need drugs or beer to have a good time. I have never licked a spark plug, or thrown my mashed potatoes up against a wall. I have a terrible memory. I like to make lists. I have a brother that’s in the band OKKOTO, don’t trash them around me. I pretty much never stay mad at people. I have surrendered my life to be a missionary. I listen to Relient K a lot, they’re my favorite band. I say the same thing a lot because it makes me happy. I hate liars even though I am one. I don’t like feet. I am ¼ Mexican; I’ll teach you how to jump. I hate change VERY much. I have the immune system of a vulture. I dance in dark parking lots. I always blow the straw wrappers at my dad. I go to church at ABT you should come too. I love listening to bands no one else knows about. I love to play guitar, even though I can’t very well…yet. I’ve never kissed a guy, and I don’t plan on it until my wedding day. I don’t stop loving people when they disappoint me. I am the wolf to which the song refers. I am obsessed with my hair, big hair is kind of my thing. I have two best friends: Destiny Krissa Sawyer (Destibee) and Jaylon Patrick Skaggs (Bestow). I love the moon, the sunshine, and the thunder. I could look at the sky all day. I break for cheesy “dates.” I love making nicknames for people. I like rainy days the most. I like checking the mail, it’s like a tiny adventure. I bring my Ipod everywhere. I probably want potato potato for dinner tonight. I like to share my opinion and probably don’t care if yours clashes with it. I am a procrastinator, I’ll tell you more about it later. I don’t know what I want in life. I am very easily discouraged. I am complacent, too complacent. I like apathy. I have been to IHOP at 4 in the morning, best thing ever. I have no wall space left in my room. I like to not match. I am trying really hard to start off all of these sentences with “I.” I hate using rulers. I make a lot of friendship bracelets. I love to sew. I hate showers. I hit people in their armpits when they are left unguarded. My name? -- Mandii Smith.