you have to pee before you can poop. amirite?
@ya rly!!!

I think you and Mstwss would get along.
You know, both anonymous.
Similar names.

I know.

Schools are cutting back on arts and music classes to try to save money. However, those things have been around in our lives since the days of the caveman so they aren't going anywhere. amirite?
@eldorito Hey, guys. Listen. Hey. Hey, guys. I have an idea. SRSLY, LISTEN! Hey, everybody. Let's keep the music and the...

That's just as bad as keeping sports and dumping music and technology. Everyone should be able to have the opportunity to participate in music, technologies, sports, or academic clubs. If you want to be equal, then you have to support actual equality.

there should be a type of snuggie where the sleeves are a different color from the rest of the blanket, so you wont have to waste time looking for the arm holes, amirite?
@Takko I was thinking about this... Then I realized. Why the hell would I buy I snuggie?

They look so stupid, but they're actually pretty useful. Well, they are for me, at least.

You hope Oreo comes out with an Atheist cookie. Or an Oreo "God" cookie where there is nothing in the middle. amirite?
You hope Oreo comes out with an Atheist cookie. Or an Oreo "God" cookie where there is nothing in the middle. amirite?

supporting sexuality =/= supporting religious beliefs
That's similar to saying that because Oreo supports homosexuality, they should also support that my favorite animal is an elephant.
One is a personal characteristic, and one is a system of beliefs.

It's not "cool" or "cute" when you can see the pockets sticking out the bottom of girls' shorts, amirite?

I'm going to assume that you mean the shorts are too short. Honestly, it depends on who's wearing them. I have a friend that can wear really short shorts, and it doesn't look bad. That's probably because her shorts aren't two sizes too small. They fit her.

I do agree that, in some circumstances, it really doesn't look good, though.

People who say suicide is selfish because they're harming their family and friends are missing the point. When you are so depressed you feel no will to live, obviously you feel like nobody loves you and nobody will miss you when you're gone. If you feel worthless enough to die, you obviously won't expect other people to care either, amirite?

@wc1234: That sounds like an awfully poor comparison to the "Eat that food on your plate because there are children starving in Africa."

You're forgetting that the depression that usually accompanies suicide is actually a mental illness. People don't choose to have depression, and the thoughts that go with depression are strong enough for that particular person to internally warrant suicide.

Sure, people who are suicidal are technically choosing to die or not, but they most likely also have a psychological illness that, for them, warrants it.

They made blood bending unnecessarily gross looking, amirite?

Bloodbending creates some of the worst sounds, too. The cracking, especially.

If a username is just the person's name, it makes the person look cool, but if it's the person's name with a numbers attached it makes them look unoriginal, amirite?

I think that's pretty true on this website especially. It's really not that big of a community, and not that many usernames are taken. I would understand the numbers for a really popular website, though.

The Big Bang Theory is painfully unfunny, amirite?

Of course, everyone likes something different, and I respect that, but The Big Bang Theory always seemed like just another stereotypical sitcom. The only twist it offered was "nerdy" characters, which might make for a really witty show if it didn't follow the same plot trends as many other sitcoms.

Miranda Cosgrove, Miranda Singrove, and Miranda Tangrove. Math is fun, amirite?

It's too bad Miranda Cscgrove doesn't really work...

Cacti are some of the most phallic plants ever, amirite?


All polls are fake. Like they REALLY know how much percentage of America is obese or how many teenagers on average have sex? amirite?

If you were even remotely on the right track, that'd be a paradox, not an oxymoron. An oxymoron consists of two words or terms. A paradox is just a contradicting statement...
So you are wrong. Twice.

The drawing feature is actually worsening the quality of the posts. Stupid shit is going to get front page simply because someone can draw, amirite?

Of course it will! Did you notice that it's a bit of a coincidence that a new, controversial feature was released on April Fools Day?

Clothing makers seem to forget that some people are tall AND skinny, amirite?