When you think which car you're going to buy, you're choosing your potential death bed, amirite?

More likely the local hospital has already chosen it for you.

Maybe birds are secretly drones that recharge by sitting on powerlines, amirite?

This is deep

Using the Braille writing system you could cheat on tests at school and never get caught. amirite?

What if there was a way to memorize a generic set of rules that you could use to figure out the answers to any of the questions on the test

Using the Braille writing system you could cheat on tests at school and never get caught. amirite?
@Lecturesea7537 Braille exams

Well not in normal schools. So then you are supposed to voluntararly learn braille, so cheating doesn't make sense.

Cats meow at humans different than each other. They listen to us and imitate us. Meows are cat for human. Cats were named after their meows in ancient Egypt. Meaning humans named cats the cat word for human. amirite?

They say meow for literally everything so you are not only stupid but also wrong

Tigeros don't sound as good as Cheetos. amirite?

That's why he did frosted flakes.

Lifting weights for exercise is one of the few instances in life where it is good to achieve failure. amirite?

If you fail while lifting weights, there's a pretty good chance you'll severely injure yourself or possibly worse, so I'm not sure why it's good to fail there.

Incorrectly ringing up items at self checkout is not your fault because you never received the proper training, amirite?
@tonywonderslostnut I feel no guilt stealing from the rich. They make more money back to cover their losses and still have profit.

so if a homeless person sees you as rich, are they justified in stealing from you?

it not that I have any love for billionaires but you say it's ok to take from them because they have more, there are millions of immigrants that are justified in taking everything in America because we have exploited them for our own luxuries.

you are thinking about yourself and not realizing there are tons and tons of people that see Americans as rich.

Free kicks and red cards are the Oscars of soccer players. amirite?

I mean, all soccer players are "Oscar" (the soccer player though)...

No dude wants a 20 year old car, but every dude wants a 20 year old girlfriend. amirite?

I'm gay. But a 20 year old boyfriend would be hot.

Parents emotionally manipulative their children in the process of giving them the life they think they deserve. amirite?

Manipulation is when you do it for your own benefit. Influence is when you do it for the benefit of others. In most cases I'd say parents influence their children.

You always think you've lost 1 sock because if you lose any other number of socks it just seems like you've just lost 0 or 1, amirite?

Well, you can remember particular socks that you lost. So not always

Many men enjoy when their chest shrinks, while women tend to prefer when it grows. amirite?

Many many many men

Wish death pon me

(Instrumental plays)

Humans are the only primates that feel insecure about their body hair. amirite?

We're the only ones who can really do anything about it

No one remebers what they ate last month, amirite?
@teknogreek Cheat like me and get a Bluetooth digital thermometer.

If I ruin another steak...it would end up being worth it.

Great idea.