Joobadingus crapoocha floopy. Werpadoober spooter moopy. amirite?
There aren't any synonyms for cinnamon, amirite?

Seasoning bark.

If birds and flying bugs didn't exist we would never invent flying. amirite?

You're wrong

if you cut a cats legs off then it would technically be falling forever because of the cats landing on their feet principle, amirite?
seems unfair when nepotism strikes more often than lightning, amirite?

You want lightning to strike more? Some men really do want to watch the world burn, I guess....

An entire generation will look at geese and think peace was never an option, amirite?

An entire generation will know the real score with geese. Peace was merely a lie we told ourselves while hiding from the geese

When you crash into the water after skydiving you're still skydiving in slow motion. amirite?

Wouldn't you be drowning at that point? If you just kept sinking?

If something genuinely helps humanity, but harms the big industries, chances are we will never hear of it again. amirite?
@rotersscap1982 But if someone makes a cure he could get much richer. Nobody wants medication that doesnt work 50% of times if...

But if theres no cure everyone wants medication. Medication earns more because you can sell over the time span of sometimes 30-40 years instead of once. See cancer etc.

We were either born intentionally or unintentionally. amirite?

I think the word you're looking for is "conceived."

Therapists are hierarchy obsessed assholes, yet suffer from the delusion that they are altruists. amirite?

Right... so I'm not gonna say all therapists are good. I'm sure there are some out there that are genuinely assholes. But you do have the option to switch to another. I fail to see the connection between therapists and "hierarchy" however. What hierarchy? Are they trying to make you salute them? I feel like you may just be upset at YOUR therapist for getting different results or suggestions than what you went looking for.

The difference between the number of times you have entered and exited any room anywhere is only ever a maximum of 1. amirite?
Maybe you are actually mentally handicapped but you don't realize it because you are mentally handicapped. amirite?

that's what's called "projection"

If you use counterfeit/prop foreign currency in North Korea, they wouldn't be able to find out. amirite?

Are you trying to sound this stupid on purpose?

Flair guns and fire extinguishers are two purchases that you hope you never touch again after buying. amirite?
@Shiny244 Ummm shooting a flair gun is awesome

Not if it's done from a life raft lost at sea.

AJ, BJ, CJ, DJ and EJ are great nicknames, but FJ, GJ, HJ and IJ sound terrible. amirite?

JJ's pretty common too.