School is good, the school system is bad. amirite?

My school is great as to what they teach (helps that they were also a National showcase school) it's just how they teach it is questionable. Given it is almost always up to the teacher on how they teach, so I can't fault the school itself there since my Geometry teacher was awesome but my trig teacher is... well daily homework assignments on difficult math concepts is fun...

Pet fishes can't affectionately thank us for feeding and caring for them, amirite?

Nor make any noise and that's why it's the only tolerable pet.

It's ironic that we use radiation to cure cancer that causes cancer itself, amirite?

Same thing can be said for the Death Penalty. We kill people because killing people is wrong.

People who find random faces punchable for no reason were/are probably bullies. amirite?

Violence is an essential part of the human race, some are just more honest and admit it... which doesn't mean you have to act on it though

You have probably walked past someone in your life who was living their last day, amirite?

Yeah today walked with myself

The most apologetic people are normally the people who have done the least wrong. amirite?

Sometimes this is true but I used to know a girl who admitted she did it to trick people into thinking she was nice and turned out to be a downright evil manipulator so I dont trust that anymore.

Barbers are the only people that can grab you by the ear in a non-violent manner, amirite?
When you donate just the right amount of blood, an erection could kill you, amirite?

Wouldn't you just pass out?

Humans Enjoy Being Pet Just As Much As Other Animals Do, amirite?

I need to be pet.

The easier it is go to down something, the harder it is to go up it. amirite?
@ImMemeLord Ever hiked into the Grand Canyon? Learned this the hard way when I was young.

Yeah, I went hiking with my dad to this steep hill. Thats what gave me the idea.

The easier it is go to down something, the harder it is to go up it. amirite?
The wealthier you are, the further your couch is from a wall. amirite?

Unless you sleep on a couch on the street, with no house.

The first guy to do CPR was probably considered a pervert. amirite?

He probably was too

A gay man cannot be a SIMP, amirite?

Oh yes he can, trust me I've met plenty of simps before I met my boyfriend

If chameleons can swim would you be able to see them, amirite?