About me.

HI! I'm Abby! Thanks for visiting my page! =] Here's a little about me...
-I live in the United States, but I like British people
-Wanna know what state I live in? Well too bad!! :)
-I like to read, write, act and sing
-I am an amazing pogo sticker--I can pogo stick with no hands!
-I live by quotes that explain exactly what I am going through.
-My name is not short for Abigail. So don't ask.
-I approve of unicorns
-I cannot live without juice
-Yes, I happen to be left handed. That means I'm special, creative and unique. So suck it righties! O_o JK!
-I like the Harry Potter books and the Clique series
-I like the Harry Potter movies, because the people are British.
-Singing: It's sorta, like, my verb
-One day I am going to marry Draco Malfoy--the real one not the user on this site!
-Music. Is. My. Life.
So...thats basically it! Message me I love to talk =] Also homepaging and/or favoriting my posts isn't bad ;)