What will never cease to irritate you?
Our PRESIDENT is a BILLIONAIRE and very smarter than most. EVERYONE knows that no one can get past a wall. NO ONE. Build a wall and keep out Mecixans and opiym that they grow and cell to YOUR childs. THANK YOU MR TRUMP for saving AMERICA. No one can ever climb a wall!

physical walls keeping people in or out of any territory has failed very single time it’s been tried

What causes you to stop respecting another person?
"Good Distractions"
Do you have too many “good” things going on? Even good things can be distractions from the “great” or “best” things that God has for us.
Martha was busy doing a lot of “good” things…..preparing for a visit from Jesus. Mary sat at Jesus’ feet. And Jesus said, “Martha, you are worried and upset about many things but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better.” Luke 10:41-42.
Even “good” things can be a distraction to your relationship with Christ. I don’t want to be so busy for Jesus that I don’t have time to spend with Jesus. God, save us from good distractions. We want better. We want you!

Load of nonsense. God is apparently a lazy blanket explanation for everything

"Do you enjoy sucking on a fag?" is a great way to ask a British guy if he's a smoker or not, amirite?

Stupid tasteless joke

Do you think that boys and girls who indulge in frequent masturbations pave the way for homosexuality or lesbianism?Are the parents right to advice and prevent their sons and daughters from jerking off.? amirite?

An argument can be made for masturbating being bad for you physiologically but I’m not aware of anything that “causes”homosexuality. It’s not something you should try to prevent. I think you may be confused.

It would suck if heaven wasn't a perfect utopia as we all expect, but rather the music video to "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley on repeat, amirite?

Just glad to know there is no good reason to believe that there is a heaven

Trump says the 3,000 lives lost in Puerto Rico don't count because they died after the storm.. Trump is disgraceful, just when we thought he couldn't be more incompetent, he then disrespects the dead. This shows just how low this president is stooping. No integrity, no sympathy for anyone. Please give your thoughts.

Every thing Donald Trump  says is just an ejaculation  of what ever he happens to be thinking at the time. What an embarrassing time we live in to have such a clueless moron as president. Never have I seen such unfounded confidence  

It's now more high class to eat raw meat than cooked meat, Amirite!?

Social class is stupid and preparing your food according to your class is ridiculous.

What Do You Think Happens To Us After We Die?
Think about it ,If God was against gay marraige because it goes against natural procreation,then why did he make some men and women naturally infertile and incapable of bearing children??..... Clearly he wants some couples to balance things out with adoption. amirite?

If we are talking about god according to Bible he’s a moral thug and we shouldn’t care what he finds moral at all

Is God Real?

I have no good reason to believe that he is a real thing

How can an individual help fight the current food crisis in East Africa?

Empowerment of women giving them more control over there reproductive cycle the floor rises strait up every where this is the case