You know the words blind and deaf, but you have absolutely no idea what to call someone who has no sense of taste, smell, or touch, amirite?
@Johnny It would suck to lose all 5 senses...

Seriously. What would be the reason to live?

If only the temperatures during the summer were the grades on your report card, amirite?

Uhhh its about 60 most of the time in Washington... i dont think i would want that grade lol

Go to the comments section of this post, right click and paste. Show us the last thing you copied. This will be fun, amirite?

purple mosquitoes

The goal of dodge ball is to throw the ball to the head of the person you hate, amirite?

and for me, even if they're on the same side bang oops

Guys: There are three types of movies you watch. Movies with explosions, movies with hot women, and movies with both. amirite?

this amirite reminds me of transformers

If your life was a movie, you know exactly what the soundtrack would be, amirite?

that one song from hanna montana ''if we were a movie'' went off in my head when i read this

Even if you have a pretty boring job, it can be really fun because of the people you work with, amirite?

like the office?

once you go farmville theres no going back... amirite?

no. i got that before i started farmville. >.>

Girls: Your boobs make you feel uncomfortable, amirite?

I <3 my boobs they dont make me uncomfortable ;(

your earlobes line up with your nipples, amirite?
you hate it when someone wins some outstanding person award (or something like that), and when you KNOW that they dont deserve it, amirite?

i am so with you.. this girl gets drunk, gets stoned, has sex all the time (shes 14) and shes verbally abusive, she won some outstanding teen pageant

knock knock, whos there? interrupting doctor, interrupting doc- YOU HAVE CANCER, amirite?

your not the only one ok?

you cant describe the taste of licorice, amirite?

is that good or bad?

If your a real bro, you'll stand up for your bro that likes bros. amirite?

Well, neither will assholes like you.

It's stupid how some girls make their Facebook status "showerr textt" ... do you take your phone into the shower? amirite?
@LaurenZie I used to feel that way, but then one day I went from tons of “BFFs” to like, five friends. And most of my...

You make it sound like you just came off drugs man. its not so much as an addiction is that you just want to talk to people