Happy birthday John!:-)))
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Happy birthday Sofia!)))
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The rules for creating a password can be ridiculous.. see the first comment for the joke.

There’s also that moment when you have the correct password, but the site won’t let you in. Hmm.

Have an amazeballs birthday, Zonk!)))
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Happy birthday, BlindMist!)))
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Amazon Key to allow delivery of packages inside your home when you're away. Are you cool with that?

No trespassing!

С Днём Рождения и многая лета! Happy birthday and many more, Ada!
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I’ve been cyberstalked quite a bit, most recently in 2015, within days of SodaHead’s death. I always give my stalkers the silent treatment (whilst reporting their sorry arses!), no matter how tempting it is to respond.

If they mistake my silence for passivity, they’re wrong, as I don’t play nicey-nicey with malcontents. As written in my bio, if you’re a scammer, spammer, stalker, sock, or troll, I’ll send out my fellow Cossacks to maul you. Figuratively.

Penblwydd hapus!:-))))
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Happy birthday, my birthday twin!))) Keep shining, Starz!)))
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I wouldn't give one of these to my child any time soon

Good article.

ok so new here was wondering how many sodaheads are here ? if any ?
I joined this site just over a month ago. I joined to have intellegent conversation and debate. You know....you give your views, i give mine. I find out why you think as you do, you gain insight on my views. Maybe not agreement, but maybe...common ground. Im sorry to say, i have not found that here. No, i take that back. I have found little here. So much venom. Name calling, ugliness. It has nothing to do with political correctness. It has to do with respect. Dont all y'all think enough is enough? If not, well, too bad. I had higher expectations of you....but thats my fault.

I feel you. Amirite can be brutal! Always stay strong and follow your heart. Here's a hug!hug smilie

Can you easily accept help or are you slightly stubborn?

I'll happily reject it if
A. I already know how
B. Someone is forcing it on me
C. All of the above