Using a confusing analogy is like driving a Jeep over a box of doughnuts, it just doesn’t make sense, amirite?

Analogies are like sandwiches in that I'm making one right now.

I may have Alzheimer's, but atleast I don't have Alzheimer's! amirite?

Now sir, I may be an idiot, but there is one thing that I am not, sir, and that, sir, is an idiot.

Pretty much any Jerry Seinfeld joke would work as an amirite post, amirite?

He's the phone man!

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

They should rename "musicals". Homo-erotic filmography is a better title, amirite?

Sounds like somebody got beat up by a theater kid.

Everyone has that melon they secretly like to jizz in, amirite?

You, sir, are a tremendous asshat.

If the news was like the news from Family Guy, you would totally watch it. amirite?


So America got 9/11. And London got 7/7. Rating's don't lie, america. We're much better than you, amirite?

Clever (sort of), but not funny.

The worst zits are the ones in that area in the middle of your back that you can't reach, amirite?

Well if you're persistent enough you can deal with (or at least reach) the ones on your face... I agree the ones on the inside of the nose are a bitch, but of all the acne problems I've ever had, backne has been the worst... not being able to reach them, the ones that are extremely painful to pop, and constantly being questioned for skin diseases when doing skin checks for wrestling...

I hate being in line behind Brett Favre at Starbucks. He's changed his order 14 times. amirite?

Actually, he knows what his order is, he's just not sure if he wants to get it.

Skol Vikes!

You wonder how swear words became swear words, amirite?

Ship High in Transit happens.

Why isn't the movie playing? Cause it's on pause mom. but why won't it play? You have to actually push play. It's still not working come help me! Mom that's an ipod not the remote, amirite?

"At least you're in the right room."

College Football should go to a playoff format, amirite?

This is the most accurate post in the history of amirite.

If your dorm's fire alarm goes off on 4/20, it wasn't a drill, was it? Amirite?

It pretty much means unnecessarily repetitive.

There needs to be a James Bond movie where he has to face off with all the pissed off women he's slept with and never talked to again over the years, amirite?
LADIES: when you hug a man with your arms around his stomach, the hug is saying ' hi, i need love.' when you hug a man with one arm over his shoulder and one under his arm, the hug is saying 'hi, friend!' but when you hug a man with both arms over his shoulder, the hug is saying 'well, hello mister, fuck me now?' amirite?

Apparently the third one doesn't apply when said guy (me) is 5'3 and it's less awkward to hug that way.