You've tried texting your pet before, amirite?

You have some serious issues if you gave your pet a phone.

Now, Hermione may have been brave and loyal, but let's be honest, the only reason she wasn't sorted into Ravenclaw is because the story required her to spend more time with Ron and Harry, amirite?

She really could have gone either way.

You don't know any white people, amirite?
When you think about it, using the phrase "as straight as a circle" to call someone gay wouldn't be accurate, because if said circle was big enough, walking its circumference would simulate walking in a straight line, amirite?

This post made absolutely no sense. I've never even heard anyone say that before.

You liked shapes better when they were just plain simple shapes instead of all that algebra crap, amirite?

Really? I find being able to quantify and find order in all these random shapes utterly fascinating. Plain and simple shapes are just that; plain and simple. Only when I get into the equations and formulas does it get exciting. The way everything just seems to comes together on my paper is exhilarating.

The real reason many gay men choose to stay in the closet so long is because they have to find the perfect outfit to come out in, amirite?

I still haven't found the perfect outfit yet. :c

The only advantages of being black is that you can say "nigger" with no consequences, amirite?

I would have agreed if you said "one of" instead of "The only".

Cookie dough flavoured ice cream is overrated, amirite?
It's not gay if you're a guy and you play the flute. It's only gay when you close your eyes and sway to the music, amirite?
@that's ridiculous to say. People these days get offended too easily JUST so they can make a big deal of getting...

Its definitely not the same. Your calling a black person black because he IS black.

This post is calling a person gay because they sway to music. Its implying that someone is gay because they do something that is culturally considered feminine.

This post is more like saying "thats so black" to someone that got arrested. Its stereotyping which is offensive.

If you have sex with a girl in an apple orchard, you can cum in cider, amirite?
@xiofang dude being unoriginal shouldnt make homepage. anyone can quote somoene with talent... this is wat makes amirite shit

Not everything on amirite has to be original. I've never seen this before, and if this guy never shared it, I probably never would have.

Girls: If the person you're with doesn't like fish, you shouldn't expect to eat out much, amirite?
@i dont get this

"Eating out" is a common euphemism for when a man gives oral sex to a women. The OP implies that a vagina tastes and/or smells like a fish by insinuating that a person that dislike fish would also dislike "eating out" a women.

Some people are wary about text sex or phone sex. They want the real thing and I get that. But for a lot of people right now, we'd settle for Morse code, amirite?
It's not gay if you're a guy and you play the flute. It's only gay when you close your eyes and sway to the music, amirite?
@mchalla3 No, it's because a flute is kinda shaped like a penis. Duh.

... I don't think that was the intention of OP. Otherwise, this is a very badly worded post.

Being gay is NOT a choice. Amirite?
@incedio I've heard about this, but is it TRUE? A straight person can't choose to be gay?

Being gay and going out wiht peopel of the same sex is totally different. A straight guy can go out with men, but they're still only attracted to women.

If people didn't have taste buds, nobody would be fat, amirite?