It'd be cool to start your own Build-a-Bear type place except the kids make toys for other kids and it's in China, amirite?

OP has a hip name. Anthonymous.

Some ads try too hard to "connect" with teenagers, amirite?

Hey I thought it was pretty hip wary smilie

It wouldn't be that surprising if aliens accused the Korean language of plagiarising their crop circles, amirite?

For all we know the north probably already had a war on 'who plagiarized who' with aliens. No one knows what goes on there after all.

To all those people who are suicidal and/or depressed, and think no one cares: I just wanted to say, hi, I'm a random stranger and I care. amirite?

Eh. Go to six billion secrets if you want to be told to live.

If sea monkeys can be called that and look nothing like real monkeys, humans should be called land jellyfish, amirite?

OH. gst smilie

embarasssssing ....

Now that you think about it, you wonder how many people's last words were "I think there's one in the pantry.", amirite?

Woah, brah. That's deep.

A way to save money on your wedding would be to invite everyone via Facebook. amirite?

It would defiantly save money. It is also a definant way to lose style points (assuming style points exist somewhere). smirk smilie

Homeless shelters don't give enough food , per serving, and the food they serve isn't healthy, amirite?
@which one do you go to? where did you eat today?

Personally, I don't eat at any of them. However I do volunteer at the Toronto daily bread food bank and the families and individuals who come in for a meal are encouraged to take as much as they want. And in my opinion, I don't think salad, fruits & veggies and sometimes meat is unhealthy.

Now, which food bank did you go to ? Which shelter failed to accommodate your stomache ?

"The human body is beautiful", is not an excuse to post half naked photos online, amirite?

Depends on the person hello smilie

No way! It's finally back and if they wanted us happy then... Yeah, We Are! Amirite?
@ToastedStew I'll never leave again!

Yeah well, a lot of users left permanently now because of the changes.

If the cough is intentional, fake, and intended to be a rude gesture, then that's just fucked up. Leave smokers alone. And OP should realize that if someone is intending to be rude, they are allowing themselves to be called out on it. Smokers know what they got themselves into, they don't need some prat to point it out.

You actually made it into a post, huh (:

A way to save money on your wedding would be to invite everyone via Facebook. amirite?

By saying "also", don't you agree with the post ?

You don't like cards that say "Happy Holidays"and refuse to purchase them, what is wrong with still wishing people a "Happy Christmas".

Because with happy holidays you can combine; Christmas & New Years into one card.

We should just have Jersey Shore pay for all the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. They got payed a a ton of money for getting taped drinking and partying. There are people who actually NEED that money and are suffering, amirite?

It's their money. And it's not up to anyone else to decide how its used.