Famous child star 1937: (Shirley Temple). Famous child star 2012: (Honey Boo Boo). What the hell happened? Amirite?

Alana kind of looks like Stitch in her picture hehe smilie

Smacking is necessary, if a child runs into the street, you would not wait for them to be ran over by a truck and say "you deserved it" to their lifeless body. You would intervene and discipline them in a tangible way. In essence, you give the child a little bit of physical or emotional pain now to avoid a lot of pain later. amirite?

This post actually disgusts me.

Looks like the new site owners are finally doing something good for the place. Amirite?

Make "true than blucatt" an option for every one of your posts goo smilie

Your internet addiction is getting alt of ctrl, amirite?

frantically searches keyboard . . .

you guys took all the good ones d smilie

The way people can adapt to things in life is amazing, amirite?

The way people refuse to adapt to things is equally amazing (:

If sea monkeys can be called that and look nothing like real monkeys, humans should be called land jellyfish, amirite?

OH. gst smilie

embarasssssing ....

If you had no ankles there would be nothing stopping you from being flawless at soundlessly sneaking around in your house at night, except maybe your lack of ankles, amirite?
Behind every "who cares" there's a little voice inside you that says "I do". Amirite?

We're all human after all.

If the cough is intentional, fake, and intended to be a rude gesture, then that's just fucked up. Leave smokers alone. And OP should realize that if someone is intending to be rude, they are allowing themselves to be called out on it. Smokers know what they got themselves into, they don't need some prat to point it out.

What if life was a dream and your "dream" was real life, amirite?

The inverse of life ! :O

You try to eat well and exercise. amirite?

... I try un smilie

It doesn't make sense that Demi Lovato and Britney Spears are X Factor judges, amiright?

Leave Britney alone.

Now that you think about it, you wonder how many people's last words were "I think there's one in the pantry.", amirite?

Woah, brah. That's deep.