It's annoying when people around 12 year olds say things like "When I was a child..." as if they aren't children, amirite?
@MissouriGal No. 12-year-olds are NOT children. I'm 12, I'm not a child. I'm a tween, OK? "Child" makes me sound like a...

Yes, 12-year-olds are freaking children; being a "tween" is the same thing as being a child, it's just a particular age group of children. It's like saying "4-year-olds aren't children, they're toddlers". IT'S THE SAME THING. I'm 14 and I'm still very much a child, I may be a teenager but that still makes me a child; you are still a child as long as you are under 18.

Stop acting arrogant and just be a kid, which you ARE... You're behaving as if being called a child or a kid is a bad thing. I know you must hear this a lot but I will repeat this mantra because us kids now as days seem to forget this: being young doesn't last forever. Soon you'll be wishing you were still a child. That's why I try to act like a kid while I can, when we try to grow up too fast we miss so many childhood experiences and it comes back to haunt us in adulthood.

P.S Being called a "child" doesn't make you sound like a little kid, your comment made you sound like a little kid.

P.P.S. I am not sorry for the long comment, all kids need to hear this.

Note-I am not meaning to sound heartless. The elementary school shooting was tragic and all, but is there really need to show it for nearly a whole week? I am sure that the parents of the dead children are tired of looking at this. I also am sure that there is lots more important news that we all should know about. We know that the shooting was very bad and tragic, but really, who wants to keep seeing and hearing about it? Amirite?

Everybody's up in arms over guns what about getting people to look at the real problem and fix health care to get sick people help to prevent these media feeding frenzies

Driving or walking?
It's extremely annoying when people judge you based off of stereotypes from the state/country you live in or were born in, amirite?
@mchalla3 Nah, Missourians walk barefoot to school.

Oh. My mom grew up in Missouri and she actually did ride her horse to school one day.

It's kind of confusing to find out that there are millions of empty houses,(I'm not just talking about the abandoned houses. These are some pretty good looking houses) yet millions of homeless people too, amirite?
Christina Hendricks is a "real woman"
Life is like a highway. As a child you wanted to grow up so fast, so you took the fast lane. But now that you are grown up, you realize that the fast lane is too fast, so you try moving into the slow lane. But no matter how hard you try, you can't slow yourself down, and for once in your life, you wish a cop would pull you over. amirite?
A democrat on Halloween: "Look at all the candy you have! I'm going to take half and give it to the kids to lazy to trick or treat for themselves", amirite?

To counter...
Republican on Halloween: "Look at all the candy I have! I'm going to convince as many people as I can to trust me with their candy, and then I'll just eat it and get fat instead!"

And btw, Democracy is NOT the same as Socialism.

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You're not racist, but the idea of being in an interracial relationship is still a little bit weird, amirite?

Well I mean I'm not poor so I don't know many black people, but I'm totally not racist and would date a hot nigress.

It's annoying how everyone is putting Amanda Todd on such a high pedestal and treating her like some kind of hero. It seems like people don't understand that she is the one that started all of this and could have dealt with it better than the way she did, amirite?
It is not about lyrics anymore, It’s about a hot beat and a catchy hook, amirite?

Nobody is stopping you from listening to music with deep and powerful lyrics...

Guys: Things get tough when your girlfriend is on her period, amirite?

Its really bloody annoying. smirk smilie

even though guys like skinny girls with big boobs, they have a lot less options for cute clothes, compared to girls who are flat chested. they don't have to buy a medium so their boobs will fit then worry if its going to be baggy everywhere else, amirite?

keep telling yourself that to feel better.