You procrastinate until the last second to get your charger, amirite?

Damn, charge your pho--... Oh, I get it.

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Your go-to strategy when it comes to flirting is to make eye contact a few times then hope he/she is braver than you are, amirite?

I put smiley faces in my texts.

But hey, I have a boyfriend so that worked.

which is your favorite color?
Sometimes you vote yeah you are to posts you disagree with and you don't know why anyone would agree with them, amirite?

I see what you did there

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Every person dies two deaths: one when their heart beats no more, and the second when their name is said for the last time, amirite?
I don't think we think enough about what food we put in our bodies. Most people know a salad is better for them than a cheeseburger is, but how much better? What we eat affects our skin, hair, hearts, minds, etc. Its not just fat or skinny. Literally every part of our bodies are affected by what we eat. Nobody is perfect in what they eat but if we tried to make more conscience decisions we could probably have a better quality and quantity of life, amirite?

"if we tried to make more conscience decisions we could probably have a better quality and quantity of life"
Does that mean if I eat really well, I can have nine lives? wary smilie

How many likes you get on your pictures has pretty much nothing to do with your attractiveness and everything to do with your popularity, amirite?
@Juliaface It's just math. If you have 1,000 friends there are more people that may like your photo. Most people who get so...

When I first started facebook, I tried to add everybody on Earth.
Now I have 500 friends and my most popular status has 7 likes.

You've always wanted to write a book, but once you've started it, a chapter later, you desert it, amirite?

Not in my book. Pun intended.

We really need a nicer way to tell people their breath stinks without hurting their feelings. Its like 'Hey im bored! Lets go brush our teeth!" Or, "I have to make a phone call, hold this gum in your mouth.", amirite?

When your driving, and it's a hurricane, there's always one car you see with their windshield wipers on "lalala singing in the rain", amirite?