About me.

Okay, about me. I like grammar. Grammar is my best friend. So are commas. I hate it when people go comma happy or comma abusing. So don't do it.

My real name is Meap. I like pie.
Favorite books- Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus, Harry Potter, Warriors, and the Hunger Games. Fingers crossed for the movie!
Favorite Movie-Pirates of the Carribean. (Hopefully, it will be the Hunger Games soon.)
Favorite show-Mythbusters. I like explosions.

I want to be an author when I grow up. I also want to be a baker. I also want to be on the bomb squad.

I want a pet platypus, but apparently that's illegal.

I wish I lived in Canada or Australia, but I don't. Castralian. It's a new term! I have a feeling it's not going to catch on.

I'm Team Peeta.

I'm an extraterrastrial visitor.

Marshmallows are only good when they are melty.

I can be random sometimes.

This is not one of those times. Something you wanna say? There probably is.