Julie Andrews is the classiest woman alive, amirite?
Hard, pouring, gloomy rain on Easter is fail. amirite?

Rainy weather here too. :(

its funny when you are emailing and attatchment and forget to attatch the document and send a blank email. amirite?

It's embarrassing, not funny...and gmail definitely catches that before you send it. :)

its funny when you are emailing and attatchment and forget to attatch the document and send a blank email. amirite?
@Star_Fox_Elite not everyone uses gmail. Most use yahoo mail. But I use google to search stuff.

I wasn't saying everyone did, just stating a fact. Everyone I know uses gmail, though.

It's hard to see child stars as adults when they grow up, amirite?

I was watching abc family or one of those networks and kept seeing a commercial for a movie Beauty and the Briefcase with Hilary Duff. It was really awkward because I still see her as the little Lizzy McGuire character. :P

The way 'amirite?' is spelt annoys me a little, because it isn't grammatically correct. amirite?

You know, you can add your own "am I right?" to the end of your posts and it makes it bold in place of "amirite?"

Just an fyi. :)

You didn't know (until now) that you can "No way" your own post, am I right?

Well purposefully spelling things wrong annoys me. Welcome to the real world. :)

Its kind of annoying how your successful post gets banned for using forbidden topics, but you can search and find the same topic in a post that was made only 1-2 weeks ago and was left on the site unbanned.. amirite?
@AustinRyan Right, I Totaly agree, before the list was made I'm sure a lot made it through, then they decided.. no...

I agree with Totobean. If you find banned topics, report them instead of whining in another post.

Society rejects what it doesn't understand, am I right?
@hungry_hungry_hippo not everyone has to become like "society" though

Nope, but the opinion of society effects everyone to some degree.

Although you'll never admit it, you want a shamwow, amirite?

I have one. :)

The majority of the worlds population are short, not tall. amirite?

"Short" and "tall" are relative terms. If the majority of the world's population is short, then that would be the average, which would be normal, not short.

There are two kinds of men and only two; there's the one they put in his proper place, and the one with his foot in the other one's face, amirite?

Sweeney Todd <3

To someone that doesn't know Chinese, Chinese is just one of those languages where it doesn't matter what is actually being said, the speaker still sounds angry, am I right?

I agree with all of you.

For this particular post, I was walking to class with my headphones in and two Chinese guys were talking behind me and I have no idea what they were saying, but they sounded (but didn't look) angry.

remember back in elementary school when I needed to know how to spell a word, my teachers would always tell me to look it up in a dictionary. I never got how this made sense. If I can't spell it, how will I find it in something sorted by spelling? amirite?

Rarely do you not have any idea how to begin how to spell the world. You should be able to get the first few letters, which will lead you to the word.

The dragons from How to Train Your Dragon look more like Pokemon than dragons, am I right?