Caucasians : Although you're not racist, you are very glad you're not black, amirite?
You could save yourself for someone who loves you for you, amirite?

Just don't give it away to someone you met in a bar. Or the back of a car.

Dexter will get Casey Anthony, amirite?
Fucking portkeys, how do they work? Amirite?
I have an idea, anti grammar Nazis, when the Nazis correct us, let's ignore them. And start making terrible spelling errors just to piss them off. amirite?

Grammatically Correct Post: "Anti Grammar Nazis, I have an idea: We should ignore the Grammar Nazis when they try to correct us. We should also make terrible spelling errors in order to irritate them. Am I right?"

Just as you have the right to be gay, I have the right to not like it, amirite?

I think somebody can dislike that people engage in sexual acts with others of the same sex - in the same way that many christians would dislike that people have pre-marital sex, commit adultery and other sexual "sins"; but nobody should have the right to tell others who they should love or how they should love as long as they are consenting adults. Just my Opinion

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