About me.

Everyone says it, but I am awful at writing about myself.
I\'m Megan, hence the username, and I\'m 17. I\'m from Canada and I speak English and French!
I\'m 5\'8\'\', so I\'m fairly tall, but I\'d rather be tall than short.
I love all types of music. From rock, to rap, to pop and country music (although country is not my favourite). Oh and yes I write favourite and colour with U\'s...
I have Canadian pride, and unlike everyone seems to think I\'ve NEVER seen a milk bag! I feel like I\'m missing out on something extremely awesome...
If you have any questions about me, go ahead and ask! Leave me a message :)
Well there\'s nothing more I can say at the moment, but thanks for reading

My first post, which was anonymous (amiritepostvirgin), got on the home page...

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